Fighting games are tough to get right on mobile devices. Sure, we have physical control options like MOGA controllers, but most everybody just plays with a touch screen. One fighter that really gets it right is the Android version of Injustice: Gods Among Us. It packs the graphical flair and chaos of the console games, and yet plays quite well on tablets and phones.

Clearly Injustice has done well for itself, as today Warner Bros. announced the mobile version has been played one billion times across Android and iOS. That’s a win for the publisher, but also players. In celebration of the milestone, everyone who plays the game by the end of the weekend gets 30,000 credits free. Use them to unlock playable DC Comics characters in the game!

Hero takes on hero takes on villain


On consoles, Injustice is a one-on-one fighting game that plays a lot like Mortal Kombat. The mobile version looks and plays a lot like its big screen counterpart, though the combat has been greatly simplified. Characters walk automatically, leaving the player free to tap and swipe to perform normal and super attacks.

The mobile version of Injustice doesn’t feature a proper story mode through which to unlock characters. Instead, players simply take on numerous battles and earn credits. These credits can then be spent in the in-game store to unlock cards that represent new playable characters. Each character card can also be leveled up to make it more powerful.

If you don’t want to grind your way towards unlocking the big heroes like Batman and his BFF Superman, you can always choose to buy credits through In-App Purchase. With Warner Bros. giving away a bunch of credits this weekend, players can get a jump on the unlocking process without having to buy a thing.

The 30,000 free credits promotion lasts through Sunday, February 2nd.