Recursion glyphs in Ingress

Google's location-based game, Ingress, kicked off another global event recently dubbed #Recursion, and as a part of it, the're introducing some new gameplay mechanics. The first is ancient artifacts. Enlightened and Resistance agents have limited windows in which to claim, move, and deliver these items between portals in a #Recursion city. Sounds like a massive co-operative globe-spanning relay. Neat.

The other addition is Shaper Glyph puzzles. Now when you long-press the hack button on a portal, you can get the chance to decode a glyph through a puzzle mini-game. If you do it, your portal-hacking ability is improved for a short time. Glyphs have been buried in the game lore for some time already, with players already deciphering the meaning out of many. If you'd like to practice the glyph mini-game, there's an app in the Play Store where you can start training.

As for #Recursion, it's spanning 28 cities over the next 9 weeks. You can see more info on the event at the video below or get downloading Ingress at the Play link above. Anybody playing in the #Recursion cities? Anyone attend the first events over the weekend? Eager to get going on those ancient artifacts? Anyone have a good time with the last event, #13Magnus?