Emoji use is on the rise, and the Unicode Consortium is spending an increasing amount of time designing new emoji to reflect an even more diverse set of pictographs for all kinds of situations. 51 new emoji are up for consideration for inclusion in Unicode 10, with some of the headliners being "bearded man," "milkshake," "breastfeeding," "zebra," "vampire" and "pie."

Even more emoji possibilities to come in Unicode 10

Beyond entirely new emoji, the Unicode Consortium also plans to add non-gendered versions of various age-related emoji, such as "child," "adult" and "older adult." Some work is still being done to narrow down proposals for more more additions, with a couple different dinosaurs and various clothing items being worked on. Various ideas were left behind for this release, including "almond," "leafy greens" and "face with lightbulb."

You can see a full list of emoji slated for the Unicode 10 release at Emojipedia.

So how long will you have to wait for these new emoji? Well, there's a bit of a process. The new emoji are only provisionally accepted right now, so they aren't yet part of the Unicode spec. Once final edits are made and they're locked in, we'll have to wait for the release of Unicode 10 in mid-2017 — then, smartphone manufacturers can include the latest Unicode in their software and you'll have access to them.