Incipio DualPro Shine for Galaxy S5

If you want to take things seriously with protecting your Galaxy S5 from the elements, the Incipio DualPro Shine case may be the choice to go with. This durable two-piece case combines the protection and shock resistance of a rubber case with the hard outer shell of a plastic case, bringing the two together with some nice design to boot. This is the so-called Level 3 of 4 in terms of protection, according to Incipio, and once you toss this case onto your phone you'll know why.

While it takes some time to properly align the rubber and hard plastic pieces together, once you do your phone feels like it's built to take a beating. The added thickness and somewhat slippery hard plastic portion of the case make it slightly more difficult to handle the phone, but this is going to be the case with any high-protection case. The best part about this two-piece solution is that the rubber inside can protrude out, giving you some grip to work with around the exterior.

Whether or not the extra protection of the DualPro Shine case will be worth it to you is truly personal preference. Stepping up to Level 3 of protection is probably a step to far for many normal users (in which case check out the NGP Impact Resistant Case), but if you're ever in the situation that requires extra durability from your phone, you know who you are and will applaud the availability of something this heavy duty.

The Incipio DualPro Shine case is a great choice for those who need that extra coverage for their Galaxy S5, and it's available from ShopAndroid in a variety of colors — silver/black (shown here), navy/gray and white/pink — for just $32.95.