Incipio DualPro hard-shell case for Nexus 5

More bulk than your average slim case, but if you need the extra protection this is the way to go.


If you have a Nexus 5 — in particular the white model — you know it can be a bit slick in the hand and relatively easy to drop. That's whether you're predisposed to dropping phones (whether we like to admit it) or not, and if you're not strictly against having a case, maybe putting a little extra protection on your device is a good idea.

Incipio offers its DualPro cases in a variety of styles and colors for different devices, but the DualPro hard-shell case is probably the most "standard" of the bunch. If you're not familiar with the DualPro design, it brings together a soft rubber case that offers full coverage with a harder shell that snaps around the edges and back for more rigidity and shock absorption.

While the double layer approach offers serious protection, there's always a tradeoff somewhere. The thickness of the case becomes a bit of a bother with how far it reaches onto the front of the device to protect the screen. Doing edge-in gestures from the sides of the screen often don't register as your finger hangs up on the edge of the case, and while you definitely get used to it over time we'd prefer if there wasn't so much bulk around the front considering it's hardly noticeable everywhere else.

That being said, even with the extra thickness the device is no harder to hold in the hand or access any of the ports. Headphone and USB jacks are just as accessible, and the power and volume buttons are easy to click even though they're covered up in rubber. Qi charging does still work, although the added thickness gives you less wiggle room when it comes to placement for charging.

Overall you can't really complain about a few minor inconveniences when you're getting so much protection for your device. And coming in under $27 from ShopAndroid, it's hard to shake a stick at the value. The case is well made, comes in four colors — black (more of a deep gray), white, cyan and pink — and will easily protect your Nexus 5 from the simple bumps of every day life to more serious tumbles if that accidentally happens.