Snooze options Inbox by Gmail

Google's Inbox by Gmail email client is adding some more options for its Snooze feature. They are designed to give users some more flexibility on when they want to be reminded to take action on a specific email.

Google stated:

First, Snooze is getting two highly-requested snooze times: Later this week and This weekend. These new options should hopefully save you some time, and decrease the need to use custom snooze.

The second new Snooze option now allows users to pick the specific weekend days. The options include picking only Friday, Saturday or Sunday but it also allows users to select Snooze to work from Thursday to Friday, Friday to Saturday or Saturday to Sunday. The company says:

This feature is especially useful for people living who live in places where the weekend spans different days of the week.

The update should be available for all Inbox users over the next week in the Google Play Store

Source: Google