Illustrations by VA bring style to your smartwatch

Not all watch faces are created equal in the world of Android Wear, and that becomes apparent when you take a look at Illustration Watch Faces by VA. Many Watch Faces trade their aesthetics for giving you all the bells and whistles, but these faces go the opposite direction. If you're looking for beautifully designed faces with a few easy ways to customize, then look no further. We've got the full break down below on this fantastic set of watch faces.

Skull and Elephant watch faces

Style isn't always the priority when it comes to choosing a watch face, and that perfectly okay. If you're looking for something to show off when you flash that smartwatch though, these could be the faces for you. The Illustrations Watch Faces by VA are filled with style though and it shows through constantly. You can customize the color of each face to different degree—either from a predetermined palette, or from a full blown color wheel.

Those predetermined palettes are also meticulously chosen to help keep the feel of the artwork, while putting your own personal touch on it. The 'Owl King' and 'Elephant' faces both offer the choice of a 12 or 24 hour format. 'Skull' and 'Octopus' each rock an analog displays. The ambient mode is very well done as well, making a nearly seamless change from your phone being lit up to dark but still readable. Available for $0.99 in the Play Store, it's a solid purchase.

The level of detail in each watch face is absolutely amazing too. If you're rocking the Octopus face, you'll notice his tentacles wrapped around the clock arms for a slick animation. Each face is so well designed that it seems more like a tiny piece of art, than a watch face. For that you can thank the talented Artist behind the faces, Virginia Poltrack. If you want a face that will invite questions, or help to announce your style to the world at large, then don't overlook these watch faces.

'Owl King', 'Elephant', 'Octopus' and 'Skull' are the four available faces in Illustration Watch Faces by VA, and each one is a real gem. You never really have to choose just one for long though, since they come as a pack. Classically designed, these faces really bring a sense of personal style to your smartwatch. So what do you think, have you tried these watch faces before? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Jen Karner

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