Ikea lets you turn your desk into a secret wireless charger for just $40

Ikea Sjomarke
Ikea Sjomarke (Image credit: Ikea)

What you need to know

  • Ikea has launched a wireless charger that mounts underneath desks and tables.
  • The Sjömärke wireless charger is meant to blend in with your home decor.
  • Ikea will begin selling the charger in October for $40.

Even though wireless charging has been around for a while and there are a ton of Android phones that support it, the technology still seems a bit like magic. However, Ikea's latest product wants to further the illusion by letting you mount a wireless charger underneath your desk or table.

The new Sjömärke wireless charger uses adhesives to attach to the underside of a desk and keep the device concealed "when you want chargers and cables to blend into the decor to keep the room neat and tidy."

Since Sjömärke uses indirect charging, it's recommended that you use it on tabletops and other surfaces with between 8mm and under 1-inch of thickness. Any more or less, and it won't charge. It also won't work through metal surfaces.

The charger comes with a 6ft power cord and relatively inconspicuous stickers, so you'll know where to set your phone down to charge. There's also a charging indicator LED and a temperature/power monitor to ensure the device doesn't overheat, which is crucial since it's attached to your furniture.

Ikea Sjomarke Manual

Source: Ikea (Image credit: Source: Ikea)

The device features the Qi 1.2.4BPP specification, so you should expect as much as 5W of charging. Admittedly, that isn't much to run home about when compared to some of the best wireless chargers on the market, especially when devices like the OnePlus 9 Pro support up to 65W charging. That said, it's still a great option for those that want wireless charging without the bulk.

Ikea is no stranger to making tech fit seamlessly with indoor spaces. In June, the company launched the Symfonisk speaker with Sonos, which doubles as a piece of wall art. The company also has a host of smart furniture products that are meant to blend in with your décor.

As noted by The Verge, the new charger will go on sale in October and retail for $40 when it hits Ikea shelves.

It's a bit pricey for the speed, but you're paying for the "convenience" of keeping your charger out of sight and not messing up your home décor. It's also cheaper than buying all-new furniture with built-in wireless charging.

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