iFixit teardown finds Amazon's Fire TV is packing some heat within

With any new device comes the seemingly inevitable iFixit teardown. The new Amazon Fire TV is no different, so if you're curious to see what's inside your new box, controller and remote then look no further. The Fire TV is given a repairability score of 6/10 – if for some reason you ever had the need – and generally comes apart pretty easily.

So, anything interesting inside? Well, since Amazon was pretty open about the hardware specs we know what makes it tick. We see the Qualcomm 1.7GHz quad-core CPU and we see the Samsung provided 2GB of RAM. For a streaming box those are some top-of-the-line specs – as Amazon was happy to point out – and make for a pretty great gaming experience.

Also inside the Fire TV is a pretty hefty heatsink – a pretty hefty and well mounted heatsink at that – since the iFixit boys say that it kicks out a fair amount of heat in operation. It's always fun to check out what's inside our favorite gadgets, and thankfully with folks like iFixit on the case, we don't have to do the dirty work ourselves.

Source: iFixit

Richard Devine