Hello sailor!

Guten tag! We're fresh off the floor for the first official day of IFA 2102 and wanted to take a few minutes to round all the news up in one easy-to-read post in case you missed any of it. IFA is an exciting show for Android fans everywhere, as it shows us all what's in store for the second part of the year. What started as a consumer electronics show for the European market has turned into a global showcase of new technology for all of the world to see. 

As a follow up to their lavish presentation from Wednesday, Sony got a little more intimate and talked at length about their design principles and strategy. We were there, and Alex has a great synopsis of the meeting -- be sure to have a look. Also, don't miss seeing what a GINORMOUS Sony Windows 8 tablet looks like when put next to something a bit more normal-sized. 

We also heard a bit about the British release of Sony's new gear from Three UK and Carphone Warehouse. Don't forget us on this side of the pond, Sir Howard!

Samsung still had a lot to say about the new Galaxy Note 2, with a booth full of accessories and news about an all-new SDK to take advantage of the S-Pen. Moleskine is taking advantage of the SDK's new features and was happy to give us a demo. Looks outstanding! 

Of course, Samsung's Galaxy Camera was again the star of the show. It's new and trendy, and we expect Samsung to want to show it off. Which they did, in a handful of colors. We got to go hands-on with the camera UI, and even have a long, hard look at sample images from the 16MP sensor. Not too shabby.

Samsung wasn't finished though, as they showed off a Galaxy S III (Galaxy S3), in black, with LTE, running Jelly Bean. That should get some excitement going.

Some other companies weren't about to let Sony and Samsung have all the fun though, and we saw an up-close and personal look at the HTC Desire X, got some hands-on time with Huawei's new Emotion UI, and even got to plaster our fingerprints all over a shiny white LG Optimus L9. And this was just day one.

Stay tuned to AC for everything you ever wanted to know about IFA 2102 and all the news from the event as we bring it to you like nobody else can. We'll be back with more tomorrow!