Ice Cream Sandwich statue arrives on Google campus [updated with video]

As is the tradition with each new version of Android, a new dessert-themed statue has appeared outside Building 44 on Google's Mountain View campus. This time it's an Android-shaped Ice Cream Sandwich, that's joined other tasty treats on Google's lawn, in a photo uploaded by Google software engineer Michael Soland.

Not long now, folks. We'll very likely have more Ice Cream Sandwich goodness in the next week at the rescheduled Samsung Unpacked event, along with a shiny new Nexus device, too.

Update: Andy Rubin has posted the video of the event, and you can find it after the break.

Source: +Michael Soland

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Alex Dobie
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  • Yes.
  • Nice
  • Yummy
  • Sexual chocolate
  • Greatest band of all time.
  • Haha nice:) I would love to visit there and take a picture with all the statues hehe
  • It just got real.
  • I thought of a great new feature for ICS. How about all devices currently running GB can be quickly and easily updated to it without having to void the device warranty through rooting it. My guess is my next device will run it which will be a couple years from now when they are getting ready to release the next one after ICS. I hope I'm wrong.
  • I can think of a great way to do that without it being a feature in ICS, it's called get a Nexus device. It's not Google's fault that your Manufacturer and carrier take a long time to update. Vote with your wallet.
  • So what's after ICS? Jellybean? Jello? Or have they revealed it at all yet and I just missed it?
  • There hasn't been an official announcement, and the rumor is that Google hasn't decided yet. I suspect "Jello" or "Jujube" would be out due to trademark issues. "Jellybean" might have the wrong connotations (brightly multicolored candy makes people think child's toy, not high-end phone). My favorite is "Jelly Roll", since Android can help roll together all your communication/entertainment needs. That said, I would love to see them go international with something like "Jamoncillo".
  • Jelly Roll actually makes sense :)
  • Jawbreaker? Java?
  • Video?
  • Im so glad i have a nexus s,i will get the update first
  • Prime will be first ;)
  • No it's not
  • Second. Nexus Prime (or what ever) will be first
  • Au contraire! The Nexus Next will not be updated to will already have it! So Nexus S will be the first to be updated to ICS :) (Of course the last few updates made it to my N1 before my NS, so who knows... lol)
  • I heart ice cream
  • Just as long as nobody else dies between now and then. >.>
  • no video of it going up this time? kinda bummed about that :P
  • They didn't put it up. It magically appeared.
  • :)
  • Were the first 2 iterations of Android labeled? If so, does anyone have any idea what they were?
  • No names. Cupcake was the first named version.
  • Think of the first two as "Alpha" and "Beta" Cupcake was the first real, usable release.
  • +1 for the logic and alphabetical reasoning.
  • I had actually done some searching on Google of the topic and found that no names where listed or used so I assumed no names where given. Thanks for clarifying for me though.
  • Mmmm I can't wait for my phone to eat this ice cream sandwich. It will be delish
  • That's why the event was postponed, the silly ICS statue wasn't ready.
  • The next chapter has never been more delicious.
  • Jolly rancher should be next.. Or Charleston chew... I likey both of those
  • I can't wait! Google for the win!!!
  • You know want I hope they do is: when they announce ICS I hope a week or 2 later it will be up for download. I wish they drop ICS for all device that can handle it and for OEM's like: Htc,Samsung,Motorola give them the code so if they want to skin it they can but give us the choice if we want to keep stock Ice Cream Sandwich on our device or if later we want to put the OEM custom skin on it. I would love to see my Htc Evo with Stock Ice Cream Sandwich, giving me the option to have Htc's version later IF I WANT IT. With this being a merge of tablet and mobile OS I really do hope they don't skin it, but if they do give us the option. That way ICS will be available day one on all eligible devices and we won't have to wait 6 months for it to release.
  • dream on buddy,dream on
  • aha! so that's why they delayed the launch! they weren't sure the statue was arriving in time! i see what they did there....
  • yay! video!
  • What are the sculptures made of? I'm guessing a foam of some sort.
  • I believe they are made of magic and sunshine.
  • I love Ice Cream Sandwich! Bring it on Google.
  • I want that in my front yard. Seriously!
  • It's finally arrived! And the real thing is arriving soon! Yay!
  • Made me more hungry for ice cream than excited.