Ice Cream to follow Honeycomb in the Android dessert lineup, Forbes says

Ice Cream will be the version of Android following Honeycomb, Forbes reported today. We haven't even gotten to Gingerbread yet, but that doesn't mean we can't look to the future. 

Google has taken to naming different iterations of Android after desserts, in alphabetical order. Beginning at "C," we've had Cupcake, Donut, Eclair and Froyo. Gingerbread and Honeycomb have been confirmed to be next and are expected to be announced later this year and early next year, respectively. Google has not said anything about what delicious desserts will follow Honeycomb, but that doesn't prevent hardware partners from doing so. 

Tudor Brown, the President of ARM, mentioned the codename to Elizabeth Woyke of Forbes. ARM, which manufacturers processors, integrates with a wide variety of electronic devices, many of which run Android; in other words, he would be in the know about future Android versions. 

All that said, we haven't really had an official official announcement from Google about anything past Froyo, so we'll just have to see. [Forbes] Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Sean Brunett
  • Can we go ahead and call "Jellybean" for the version after that? There aren't many other "J" options.
  • Or jujube
  • Damn when are we getting some gingerbread news!!!!!! Come on Google!
  • " in other words, he would in the know about future Android versions. " Got a typo here, just trying to be a good site reader/patron for the future readers. Good article, by the way.
  • Thanks. Fixed!
  • I want Gingerbread so badly!
  • Unfortunately I think gingerbread will be the las iiteration of android my d1 will see and I don't even know if that will be official or a hacked version because of the memory constraints of gingerbread.
  • And just what are those memory constraints?
  • Um, no one seems to have acknowledged the awesomeness that is the picture above. Waffle cone with chocolate ice cream? Yes, please. And likwidsoul, I'm with you there. Hank (my D1) might have had his fill of sweets with FroYo. :(
  • Hopefully they at least got that name right. I remember when everyone was getting excited over "Flan." It's entirely possible Google's internal roadmap could rename it anyway as "Ice Cream" is quite a ways ahead. If the rumor about the Gingerbread SDK coming next week is true, we should hear about what it brings to the table. It's been almost six months since Froyo which has roughly been Google's cycle in the past.
  • I'm still disappointed they didn't go with "Flan". I've resigned myself to it, but Froyo is just too kitchy for me. "Flan" seemed to have so much more class.
  • aww I thought Italian ice
  • People talking about when are they getting Gingerbread. I didn't even get Froyo yet. *Sigh* T-mobile and Samsung.
  • Pffff, talk about the Sony Ericsson X10 owners, they dont even have Eclair yet
  • after i got froyo... nothing seems to excite me in upgrade manner.
    flash was pretty much all i was missing in a phone. will see...
  • Uh... who cares? Seriously, I don't understand the obsession with code names. I'm surprised nobody is speculating on what the successor to Android will be named. Ignoring any alphabetical theme, I'll go with "Sentient." Let the ridiculousness ensue.
  • I had froyo on d1 and so many problems. Dropped calls and freezing. Now on Sprint Epic and still no froyo. All this talk about future versions. I just want froyo to see what good things it adds to an already great phone.
  • Me too. I want froyo so bad on the epic 4g.
  • I don't understand why people want gingerbread already. It was only a month or to ago we started getting froyo. Most phones won't be able to handle gingerbread, if you look at the specs Google wants for gingerbread. I have a Evo and I think it might be ok with gingerbread. Doesn't it give us 1080p recording and videos? My evo can't even play a real 720p video without skipping and then stopping saying the CPU timed out.
  • I think user interface features in future versions are far more important than video speed. Having come from WebOS, I can tell you that there is a *LOT* of room for improvement in Android's menuing system. I mean, even with Froyo, we still can't even alphabetize the damn settings menu????
  • I'm betting on JuJubee for the next release.
  • Another Android Version that that the HTC Hero won't get...FML
  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!! Sorry...someone had to say it.
  • just appreciate you have Froyo. Jesus! Most of these phones right now can't handle gingerbread anyways. And if they can they will need to buy a new phone to get honeycomb etc. Be happy with what you got
  • I'm surprised no one brought up Jello as a possible choice for the dessert after Ice-Cream. That'll be my guess for the next iteration. You've heard it here first folks! :)
  • Jell-O is actually a brand name, so i doubt Google will use it. I'd lean more towards jelly, or jelly Bean.
  • How about Jam cause Jelly don't shake like that... lolmao