iBolt ProDock Alumina review

Your new Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) or other Android phone can serve as a great navigator or in-car entertainment center. You can control lots of the functions with S voice or other voice control software, but you still need to be able to see your phone.

The iBolt ProDock Alumina is a great way to keep your phone in sight, but mounted and safely accessible when needed. No matter which Android phone you have, it should fit on this dock.

iBolt ProDock Alumina

What’s in the box

The iBolt ProDock Alumina comes with everything you need to quickly get up and running.  The iBolt contains:

  • The dock
  • Suction cup mount for windshield or plastic disk
  • Plastic disk for the dashboard
  • Vent mounting kit
  • Extra set of long feet (for phones with thick cases)

Set up suction cup mount

The iBolt ProDock can either be set up as a window or dash mount or, using the vent mount kit, as a vent mounted dock for your phone.

The easiest way to mount the phone is via the window mount:

  1. Unscrew the ring on the back of the mount
  2. Put the ball joint into the housing and push
  3. Screw the ring in to tighten
  4. Mount the suction cup to the window of your car
  5. Put your phone in the dock
  6. Tighten the fastener by pushing down (or to the side if mounting in portrait mode)

To attach the unit to your dashboard, you first need to attach the plastic disk to your dash. Then, do just as you did above, but attach the suction cup to the disk instead of the windshield.

To release the phone from the fastener, just push in the button on the side of the iBolt mount.

Set up vent mount

The iBolt ProDock comes with a vent mount kit as well.  Some folks like using a vent mount because it places the phone closer in reach and closer if you use the speaker phone of the  Galaxy S3 or other Android phone.

To use the vent mount:

  1. Snap the two legs into the top of the vent mount unit
  2. Slide the legs to best position them for your car
  3. Squeeze the legs to attach to upper vent
  4. Adjust bottom of vent mount for support
  5. Unscrew ring on back of main mount
  6. Push in ball joint and screw in ring
  7. Put phone in dock
  8. Tighten fastener

To release the phone, push the button on the side of the iBolt dock.

Using the iBolt

The iBolt can be used in either portrait or landscape mode. Rotate the dock to any position desired. Thanks to the ball joint, you really can have this in just about any position desired.

The legs on the bottom (or on the side if in portrait mode) can slide to either side. This is particularly helpful so as the buttons don’t press on the Volume buttons or Power button or Camera button on other phones.  If your phone has a particularly bulky case, you can attach the included extra long legs in place of the standard ones to accommodate the phone in the case.

Once you have the orientation of the dock set, put in your phone and push down (landscape mode) or to the side (portrait mode) on the locking fastener. To release the fastener, just push the button on the left-hand side (landscape mode) or the bottom (portrait mode.)

NOTE: If you are using the phone in portrait mode and push the release button, make sure you are holding onto your phone or it will just fall straight down!

Design and Build quality

Overall, the iBolt ProDock seems like a solid product.  The dock is made of a durable and strong plastic. The ball joint snaps in securely and seems very secure when attached.  The suction cup has a lock and release and really held in place – even with road vibration.

The vent mount, as is the case with pretty much every vent mount I have tested, used plastic feet than can snap if forced into place.  That being said, I was able to attach and remove the vent mount with no problems in my particular car.

The Wrap up

The iBolt ProDock alumina does just what it claims to do. It hold your Galaxy S3 or other Android phone securely in place. It is versatile, in that it can attach to your window, dash or vent and it can easily be rotated form portrait to landscape mode.

The Good

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Strong suction cup
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to rotate between portrait and landscape
  • Adjustable feet to avoid buttons

The Bad

  • Vent mount feet are not as sturdy
  • Nothing to protect the phone from falling out of dock in portrait mode

The Verdict

The iBolt ProDock is a great way to dock your HTC One X, EVO 4G LTE, Galaxy S3 or other device in your car.  The flexibility of portrait or landscape use, window or dash or vent mount makes this a very user configurable product.

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Gary Mazo
  • "NOTE: If you are using the phone in portrait mode and push the release button, make sure you are holding onto your phone or it will just fall straight down!" Did you not find the extra support leg shown at 1:24 in the video?
  • ARKON , or GTFO !!! Way cheaper than ProClipUSA However this is a nice unit.
    I have had the Arkon Mini-mount for over a year now.
    I would get this next. I wonder if it can be used on the standard
    dual T mount head. Also dont use vent mounts, they weaken the plastic in slats in your vent.
    They will never be stable. Also when you run the AC and then your windows go down and your ice cold phone is now exposed to humidity, Hello moisture indicator false positive.
  • Tranlation, I am getting one of these next
    iBolt , nice universal holder, with or without a case.
    THAT IS COOL !!!
  • @Gary: Under 'The Bad' section you listed 'Nothing to protect the phone from falling out of dock in portrait mode'. You also mention this further up in your review. In the video, it specifically talked about a special foot that can be turned out to hold the phone when it is in portrait mode. Just thought you might want to review and correct that.
  • I have one of these, and love it. I use it in the portrait mode most of the time, as I don't frequently use the phone as a GPS. The pop out foot on the end holds the phone in place just fine. I've never had an issue with the phone dropping out.
  • "Driving hands free is not only safe; it’s the law in many places." Take that out of context and it makes no sense at all, haha. And besides, who are they to say that driving hands free while talking on the phone is safe, maybe safer than holding your phone to your ear, but that still doesn't make the whole thing completely safe.
  • I don't really understand how they can make laws like this and not also outlaw drinking coffee while driving, without a head mounted hands free systems, devised from cups and series of straws.
  • I wasn't aware you needed to look at and type on your coffee cup to grab it up, take a drink, and put it down again. But to be honest, some states do go much further in trying to prevent distracted driving such as making it illegal to try to eat anything while driving but I think those states still allow a drink.
  • I didn't think my comment needed a /s tag... coffee through arrays of cups and straws on a head mounted apparatus... oh well some people just don't have the genes for catching it. But to risk replying to your comment seriously, I don't think I have ever had to look at my phone to answer a phone call, or put it back down. Even more so with a good ol flip phone with real buttons. I have had coffee mugs though that required a glance to make sure the hole was lined up correctly...I have also almost caused an accident when a starbucks lid popped off from not being completely snapped on...splashing coffee all over my leg. My point is there are many distractions drivers face while driving, some far worse than holding a phone to their ear. You can't ban them all.
  • I don't feel like googling right now, but I think I remember reading that eating while driving is roughly as unsafe as using your cellphone. Something to think about when you're texting while in line at the drive-thru.
  • When motorola produced the first car radio people said it was unsafe Whilst hands free means the users has both hands for driving it doesn't mean the driver's attention is not diverted. There was a rise in accidents after GPS became popular It's really best if people put their phone in airplane mode and didn't use it at all, or only dock it as a music player.
  • "When motorola produced the first car radio people said it was unsafe" Before cellphones were ubiquitous, I remember seeing plenty of people swerving all over the highway while adjusting the radio. I guess we just accept the risk now.
  • On the first image with the HTC One X used in this post. What app/skin is running?
  • That's the stock HTC car app.
  • Do you know what is the app on the Galaxy S3 ?
  • I am curious as well. I miss the car app that was on my DInc
  • Got one of these a few weeks ago. I put an NFC tag on it so when I put my phone in the cradle, it launches the car dock, enables bluetooth and GPS, disables wifi. Pretty nifty. The dock itself holds the phone pretty well. I use the suction cup on the wind sheild.
  • I guy's i fonunds this apps looking nears of the pics. Car Dock Home v3 on google play !