I wish my Apple friends would stop Android-shaming me

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Sad Android Markus Winkler Unsplash (Image credit: Markus Winkler / Unsplash)

I don't know about you, but most people in my extended circle are iPhone users, including just about all of my family and many of my closest friends. Some of them are die-hard, Apple until they die, Steve Jobs walked on water types, but most of them have just chosen a phone and OS and stuck with it because it works.

That's what most of us do because it's easy and comfortable. I totally get that, and it's a perfectly legitimate choice for anyone to make. But after reading a piece by Mike Sorrentino at CNET earlier this week about his experience switching mobile operating systems, I was reminded of an underlying angst I've felt ever since I started using Android phones as my primary devices. My Apple "family" just looks at me a little differently now. I don't mean to say that they are outright rude or offensive, but there is definitely an air of superiority in their questions or comments about my daily carry choices.

Unlike CNET's Sorrentino, I come at this from a slightly different angle. Whereas he switched from Android to iOS, I came from iOS to Android. My colleague Michael Hicks has a great series of posts on his experience of more recently switching from iOS to Android. While he does a fantastic job of highlighting the fun new experiences that he's uncovered, I have little doubt that he, too, has encountered the not-so-subtle eye-rolling and even outright disdain that many iPhone users have for Android fans. And you know what? It sucks. It's unfair. And I'm sick of it.

Debunking common Android critiques by iOS users

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Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

No platform, service, or device is perfect, but based on what I've heard from iOS cheerleaders, both directly and indirectly, you'd think Android was and always has been a second-class citizen. That's simply not the case.

Design and build quality

One of the first criticisms of Android that I remember hearing from friends and family was that Android phones were cheap and poorly constructed pieces of crap. That's undoubtedly true of some Android phones, but in my experience, it doesn't reflect the reality of the smartphone landscape.

Some of the best, most innovative designs and technologies come first, or exclusively, to Android phones.

Many (indeed most) of the highest-quality, most premium, most well-built smartphones are, in fact, Android phones. Technologies such as AMOLED screens, high refresh rates, biometric scanning, and even foldable screens have debuted or have long been exclusive to Android phones. And while there is no shortage of good, cheap Android phones, most of the best Android phones are as premium as any iPhone you'll find.

And while the prevalence of repairable phones has decreased over the years, the simple fact is that tinkerers and those who want to prolong the useful lives of their phones have more options to do so in the Android ecosystem. In fact, some of the people and companies who are most active in these efforts are Android users.

Security and privacy

The next knock on Android that I've heard repeatedly is that it is not a secure platform and that if you really care about privacy, you should avoid it at all costs. But, as my colleague, Alex Dobie recently wrote, that's a bunch of B.S..

Some of the most secure phones you can buy run Android, including Google's Pixels and Samsung's Galaxy devices. To be clear, security and privacy are not the same things, but if you're worried about being hacked or having your data stolen, that's just as likely to happen on an iPhone as it is an Android device. Most security leaks happen when an app or game developers or third-party hardware manufacturers themselves are compromised, not because of malicious code that suddenly appears on your phone.

Android users have more control over their personal data than ever, including having the ability to ditch Google completely.

Google's apps and services indeed collect a ton of your personal data, but you also have a ton of control over what data gets retained through your Google account. For example, you can manually or automatically delete things like your search history or map travels from Google's servers whenever you want. Google is also building even more privacy controls into Android 12, to help users better understand and manage which apps are trying to access their data.

And if that wasn't enough, you can go the extra step and install an alternative Android-based OS on your phone like /e/OS, which doesn't send any data to Google, and lets you know which apps are trying to collect what data, so you can decide whether the tradeoff is worth it to you or not.

Integrations, apps, and features

iOS adherents often like to reference how indispensable iMessage and Facetime are to their digital lives, and it's not hard to understand why. Those apps are pre-loaded on every Apple device, and they interoperate beautifully. But as muddled as Google's messaging app strategy has been, there are a ton of great messaging apps on Android that "just work," too. Google Messages continues to improve, and now supports end to end encryption between Messages users (much like iOS), and you can use it in any web browser or Chromebook. I've even been fairly successful in convincing most of my friends and family to use an alternative messaging platform like Signal or Telegram, so that iMessage doesn't lock me out of their circles.

Facetime is coming to Android (and Windows) with iOS 15, and even though it's not necessarily the same experience as on an iPhone, it opens up new ways for Android and iOS users to connect, and that can only be good.

iPhones can integrate smoothly with Macs and iPads, but so can Android phones with Windows PCs and Chromebooks.

Finally, my Apple friends like to talk about how their iPhones work seamlessly with their Macs and iPads, but many of those same people don't realize just how good the experience of using an Android phone with a Windows PC is. Even before the inclusion of Android apps in Windows 11, PC users could take advantage of robust services like Microsoft's Your Phone app, or Samsung's increasingly competent Dex setup. And the Phone Hub feature is something I use every day on my Chromebooks to deal with incoming notifications and messages from my Android devices.

Let's learn to be together, not the same

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Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

As if it weren't evident by my choice of career and my employer, I am a tech nerd. I love experimenting with all sorts of operating systems, platforms, and devices. I have no problem jumping back and forth between Android and iOS or between Chrome OS, macOS, or Windows, but I recognize that I'm in a unique position to do so. For reasons of inertia, preference, or privilege, most people tend to stick with what they're familiar with and don't venture to the other side of the digital fence. I don't harbor any ill feelings toward those who chose the technology that is right for them and their needs. You do you.

If you're an Apple fan, that's great — so am I! Apple makes some of the absolute best tech in the world, and there's a reason why it's a leader in every category it enters. Both platforms regularly influence and push each other to get better, and sometimes they flat out copy each other's best features. I just want my Apple-loving friends and family to realize that using Android (or Linux, or Windows, etc.) is a valid, legitimate, considered, and reasonable choice and that we're not "settling" or misguided. We can do everything you do just as well, and in some cases, even better.

One of the things that I love most about Android is that it's made up of a vibrant and diverse ecosystem of developers, device manufacturers, and users. So let's celebrate that diversity in tech as we should in our everyday lives.

Have a great Sunday, and I'll catch you next week.

— Jeramy

Jeramy Johnson

Jeramy is the Editor-in-Chief of Android Central. He is proud to help *Keep Austin Weird* and loves hiking in the hill country of central Texas with a breakfast taco in each hand. You can follow him on Twitter at @jeramyutgw.

  • I must be too old....i don't know of anyone that shames me for using Android.
  • I'm 51, and I just came back to android from two years in Apple's ecosystem....the amount of scorn I have gotten in the last week when people notice that I am not sending imessages anymore have been scathing. ZOMG you went back to android? Its INSECURE! YOU'LL GET HACKED! Yeah whatever...I was computing while you was playing with barbie dolls. I'll be fine. Promise. LOL
  • I must be an old 44.
  • I'm 74 and exactly one person has expressed surprise that I was using Android when she borrowed my phone for something. I didn't realize she used Apple until then. More people are surprised that I use my phone to pay than what kind I use.
  • Same. Hell, I've congratulated friends that bought new iPhones and vice versa with my S21 Ultra. It's been a long time since I thought anyone really cared about this.
  • Are you American? I think it's mostly an American thing...
  • It must be....tribalism is rampant.
  • I think it is. I'm from the Netherlands and it's not a thing over here either. Everyone uses Whatsapp anyway and not iMessage. Only kids in elementary might be jerks about what phone you use. Oh and one coworker does this, but that is just friendly banter as I do it to him too.
  • Here’s an idea: How about this site stop with all the endless Android bashing? Can anyone point to an Apple/iOS site that spends as much time complaining about the site they are dedicated to? It’s one thing to critique something you don’t like about the OS your site follows, it’s another to spend so much time bashing all the various efforts Android OEMs are making. If you expect Android to stop being ‘shamed’, then it probably should start on fan sites like this! I’ve stopped visiting AndroidCentral as frequently because you all criticize relentlessly. To be clear, some of the criticism is deserved and should be showcased. How else can Android OEMs get the hint if it isn’t brought to their attention? But there are levels to everything, and this site, along with Android Police, arguably the two biggest, have definitely gone overboard. What message are you sending when your editors are constantly switching to iOS devices to review them? Your not doing anything other than adding fuel to the fire and unwittingly making the case for others to abandon Android as well. Google, Samsung, and the others have backed themselves into a corner of their own doing. But instead of focusing on the negative as frequently, why not shift more content towards the positives? There are tons of Android features that go unreviewed or reported on, until Apple, after years of waiting to implement, finally get coverage. Here’s some unsolicited advice: Treat Android like Apple/iOS sites treat their platform of choice. Praise all the good, and gloss over the bad. Lol.
  • Everything you said is so true!
  • Fanboyism for any OS is just the worst. Android got more secure because of sites like this covering its shortfalls. Ignoring them helps no one.
  • Yes! If someone else's choice threatens how well some brand works for you, maybe consider that the problem isn't that other person, but maybe your choice in brand. And if someone refuses to install any of several third party software options because their first party software isn't available to you... then that person clearly doesn't value you as much as their self image which relies on some pretty weird and petty brand loyalty. I'm not saying iPhones or Android phones are not the right choice for certain people, but if you can't respect that another person might need something different than you, then you have the issues. And if you suddenly find all your friends finally "like you more" because you finally joined their club (especially their brand loyalty club), then you should really stop and have some introspection about what kinds of friends you make. I don't care if you are a fan of iPhones or PS5's. It's fine to like something, and even to encourage your friends to do something you like, but if it becomes a barrier to your relationships, you probably need some help and you definitely need to remember that brands don't love you, they just love money.
  • Linebarrel86 SPOT ON COMMENTS, sir I tip my hat to you! FYI, make a change "...Your not doing..." should be you are or you're. Remember, that which follows your belongs to the person you are writing to. Yes, when spoken your and you're sound the same, when written they have completely different usages and meanings. Your for you're or you are is an all to common error, as is loose for lose.
  • All too common error, not all to common. Sorry, you seem nice, but my responses have been getting anemic and so I need to up my daily irony intake.
  • The Android bashing is fueled by the MSM who sensationalise every single exploit or vulnerability and say it will effect 3 billion Android users, etc when it's not the case.
  • You sir, are the "Master Basher".
    Nobody bashes other OEM's like you.
  • I'm not talking about OEMs individually, I'm talking about Android overall and yes I've bashed both Android and iOS but I've grown to really like Android and have grown to despise Apple for the anti consumer business practices and walled garden and restrictive nature of iOS. Plus I'm talking about the MSM bashing Android security and I was defending Android security. Read my comment properly.
  • They keep writing articles like this because it's the only guaranteed way to get people coming back here and commenting. It won't change unless and until we stop falling for it.
  • *looks back up at comment* But... You read it and commented.
  • Lol....but the article is so true..it reason Apple has been my technology nemesis since I started loving technology. Apple user act so uppity, it hilarious my son's iphone broke have him my old LG to use. He says he calls only because when he text his apple people they can tell by the bubbles he using and he don't want to be shamed, fk 💭💭💭 you killing me. I just look in disbelief that I have failed my child technology wise. I remember first time he ask for an iPhone, I look at him with diappoment like where did I go wrong.
  • You haven't failed your son, your son just wants to he "hip" with his friends who have iPhones, and I hold Apple responsible for your son's attitude towards Android phones and Google too for not doing enough to change the perception of Android being "laggy" "slow" and "insecure".
  • Well said...Google lazy, Without OEM rooting community I would fear where Android would be at this moment.
  • I agree, rooting is a vital tool in Android's openness and flexibility which gives users who are tech savvy another option if they don't like the OEM's take on Android. A lot of the "droid shaming" is down to ignorance of the OS which as I said before is fueled by the MSM and Apple and Google needs to do more to change Android's perception and OEMs need to do their part as well.
  • I made sure that the first phones I gave my children were Android, knowing that eventually they would demand iPhones -- better for them to be operationally platform agnostic
  • I'm a fan of both iOS and Android. I've used both over the years. Right now, I'm using iOS on the 12 Pro Max just because I have a MacBook Pro and Apple TV 4K. I also have a Samsung laptop so if I ever go back to Android, I won't feel like I'm missing out. The green bubble/blue bubble criticism is juvenile. I couldn't care less if I'm chatting with someone with a green bubble. Don't know why Apple users feel the need to ***** about it. Also, not sure why people ***** if they have to download another messaging app on iPhone since they're constantly downloading other apps like no big deal. Thats what you do on smartphones - download sh*t. Ugh. Anyways, the shaming needs to stop. An S21 Ultra costs just as much as a 12 Pro Max. Most who use Apple who are criticizing Android are on 3-4 year old Apple models so they have no business criticizing anyone.
  • I just don't care about any of this anymore. What are we, 12? I'm a fan of both platforms and go back and forth at will. Unlike other people here, I'm not so insecure that I need criticize one to justify moving to the other. It's so childish.
  • It doesn't go away with age, but it does diminish. Go to a car show, you will see a bunch of geriatrics telling everyone why their brand of car is superior to the car next to his. I've met car snobs that won't even look at other car makes or even models. Yeah, I've met Buick die hards go on about why Olds is inferior. Meanwhile, the other 95% just want to have ac and a comfortable seat. Most people don't care what phone anyone owns or uses, they want it to work.
  • Oldsmobile? Get that hunk of junk out of the way so my true-blooded Chevrolet can get through without being tainted :P (don't mind me, I just love it when a car analogy actually works and yours is one of those times)
  • My uncle and my mother always wanted a 442. That looked like an amazing car.
  • I've never owned an Apple product and never intend to do so. It's not because I "hate" them, it is simply that I have never been convinced that I need them. There has never been anything compelling enough to make me pay such a premium to own one. I like my Pixel phones and my Lenovo Windows and Chromebook computers. They serve their purposes very well.
  • It seems to me that at work its only managers and upwards who have and use iOS the rest of us all get by with Android. Must be a salary thing I guess.
  • I remember when Instagram first came to Android that there were a lot of "Android phones have crappy cameras" jabs being thrown about.
  • Almost all the adults I know use Android with only a few using iPhone. However most of my grandchildren seem to think iPhone is the only way to go. Maybe its a teenage thing.
  • I've never owned any Apple products, just wasn't interested. Besides I'm one of those people that don't like to have what everyone else has. Never experienced the Android shaming yet. Most of my friends and family use Android. Even when I do, I will just flip them the bird.
  • Your Apple friends are NOT your true friends if they are "droid shaming" you. It doesn't matter what phone you use. This is one of a few reasons why Apple users are disliked by the Android community.
  • I used an IPhone for work for 2+ years and disliked iOS - it just didn't feel intuitive to me and I'd never get one for personal use. I'm an old Blackberry guy and I found the transition to Android to be much easier than expected and more natural. iOS was a struggle for me.
  • I have both an iPhone (11 Pro Max) and Android phone and prefer my Android (S20 FE) for most things and use my iPhone for watching Netflix and other media stuff because Netflix is better optimised for iOS and prefer the speakers of my 11 Pro Max over my flat sounding S20 FE speakers with their lack of bass.
  • At the end of the day, all smartphones are just cheap consumer grade electronics sold at a massive markup. I mostly communicate via phone call, SMS/MMS, and email. I've never once had any issues with any of those features no matter who I was talking to.
  • If you are triggered by this you might have bigger problems
  • Or maybe get some new friends.
  • The judgement by peers or the article?
  • Probably hard to believe but this just isn't a thing outside of The USA, possibly outside of The USA/Canada. No such thing as Android-shaming here in The UK. iPhone and Samsung Galaxy are equally as respected in particular. In part because iMessage never reached peaked saturation. I expect iPhone users use it between themselves but maybe not when they know WhatsApp means everyone can be messaged the same. By writing about it so often you fan the flames.
  • It's BS MacOS is more secure than Windows too but that never stopped Apple and people believing it.
  • Most iPhone users uses the same Google services so the privacy point is nonsense.
  • Agreed but the Google apps are watered down on iOS and don't have nearly the same features and integration as they do on Android, like the iOS YouTube app, it doesn't have PIP or the ability to view YouTube channels in landscape mode like you do on the Android version but I think that's mostl likely down to YouTube than any of the restrictive limitations of iOS which I actually support because those features deserves to be Android exclusives as Apple deliberately waters down their Android apps.
  • I love the "I use an iphone because I value my privacy" while they have 4+ Amazon echo devices in their house.
  • Hold up Your Phone is NOT robust. When it works it's decent but it's definitely not robust. It's really buggy and auto closes at least once a day, a problem with the UWP platform in general. It does the job but by being an app it's not even as good as ChromeOS' Android integration, which is system level.
  • The only scorn or whatever I run into is when myself, an Android user, and my brother, a diehard iPhone user, rib each other. Otherwise most folks just don't care. Security of your device is what you make of it so just be smart. Keep things updated, don't go looking for trouble, use the tools your phone/apps have such as passwords and virus/malware protection apps. Android has come a long way from its infancy when describing it as clunky and not very secure might've been accurate, but now that's no longer true.
  • WTF! Brainless soy boys and Karen's having a go at each other over what phone they use??? Really boils my pi55 reading this *****. Who gives a **** what colour bubbles you get a text in? Just read the bloody thing and reply and grow up! Oh and whoever wrote this article needs a reality check and stop feeling buthurt coz folks got an issue with which phone you use. Get over it!
  • There's a four word British phrase that springs to mind, you probably use it in North America.... Don't be a dick. I'd be like, you actually give a **** what phone I use. First world problems.
  • I expected a different word starting with a C.
  • Relative or friends, I have no problem detaching myself from shallow people. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty good at it.
  • Um, Android has like 70% of the mobile phone market, to Apple's 30%. I don't think you can shame someone for having Android in that situation.
  • Sure you can. You think people driving Porsches don't look down their nose at people driving a Honda? Even though Honda sells a lot more cars and has a lot more useful cars and a lot of Porsche owners have something old enough it's not actually worth a lot more than a new Honda? Yeah, you don't have to be right or in the majority to feel superior.
  • The problem with analogy (which I've seen several times in comment sections) is that it assumes that the only cars that exist are Porshces (iPhones) and Hondas (budget Android), completely ignoring the fact there also Android OEMs out there making Ferraris, Mercedes and Lamborghinis...
  • This issue is a US thing even most US politicians use an iPhone.
  • This is pretty much as US-only situation. Market share there is 55-45 in iOS's favor (some put at 50-50), and iMessage is the domimant messaging, unlike the rest of the world that uses Whatsapp, FB Messenger, and other, multi-os, messaging soluctions.
  • Unpopular opinion.
    Considering that Android has 75% of the market with Apple being at 15-20% , that means that Android users are almost 4 times than the Apple ones.
    You go on and write an article about Apple users bulling Android users, why not the opposite. In every section that I will visit there is always the , boo apple-sheeps, walled garden etc etc.
    Where is your article about this behavior? Because there are 4 times the users that are bulling Apple users because they use iOS.
    Food for though AndoidCentral. Before you start judging your neighbor’s house , clean up yours first.
  • It's more common with Apple users to bully Android users about their choice of using Android rather than the other way around, especially teenagers or online communities where Apple users call Android users "Fandroids" and Android users online call them iSheep in retaliation. I know more people who use Android or Samsung in particular more than iPhones, only most of my family use iPhone.
  • I've found using "child" (regardless of age) gets than amped up even faster than isheep. It's become my go to.
  • People bother too much about what other people do, and use. I have friends who use Android, Iphones and non-smart phones, I use Android myself, but I don't see anyone shaming anyone. Children do that, but not adults, well most adults. the same with computers, I know people with Macs, use windows and use Linux, in fact next year I may change from Windows based PC to a Apple Mac
  • Samsung fans are just as bad as Apple fans.
  • As a Samsung fan you were
  • Write needs a new family and friends. I have friends with Apple and Android phones, as well as a few still using flip phones and no one gives a damn what the other person is using.
    I guess in this day-and-age, we have more important things to think about and are not small minded to worry about a phone someone is using.
    Time to move on and get a life away from these small minded individuals....in other words....GET A LIFE!
  • What the hell is an "Apple friend" or "Android shaming"?! If anyone has "Apple friends" or is into "Android shaming"...if these are actual things....then you need to think really hard about your presence in this world and definitely reprioritize your life. Otherwise you've got issues...
  • LOL! I love that people can be passionate about their technology choices, but you are right about how it can get out of hand. Honestly, it was the opposite for me. My Android/WIndows friends are all in on how their platform is better. Then there is my Linux posse who cannot give you a straight opinion on the best distro. Point is, who cares. I love tech and use them all. In fact, I will pull out the old Commodore or Blackberry and fire it up for fun. There are issues with all ecosystems, so use what works for you and treat each other with respect. Tech is like the NFL. People are going to be passionate about their teams. And when the debate is over, grab a beer and move on to the next conversation.
  • Elementary OS is the best distro for me. Though I'll be giving Zorin a shot soon so that may change.
  • Here's a thought: get some new friends -- the sort that don't subscribe to the elitist diatribe that "the only good products in the world are made by Apple." I have yet to ever succumb to buying or even using an iPhone and I can pretty much guarantee that I never will.
  • This is such an American thing... I'm from Europe and reading articles like this makes me feel like I went to Earth-2, or something. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty og Apple fanboys here too, but even they mostly know that are great Android phones out there that cost as much or more than the equivalent iPhone. And the whole iMessage thing, which seems to be cause of most of this sentiment in the US, is just pathetic... It still amazes me how an entire country got so dependent on a messaging platform that only exists on one OS.
  • Yep Apple has brainwashed the US into thinking that only their products are best when they're far from the best products.
  • Apple as a technology company is a good, very successful company. Apple as a marketing company is one of the most successful of all time. They were smart on who's hands they got their iphones into early on, and they've been very smart at how they market their devices since.
  • Apple is like a cult and their fanboys and fan girls are hypnotized by their marketing bs.
  • Just as you were not long ago
  • I like to compare Apple marketing to evangelical Christian sects. You're not wrong.
  • It was only a decade ago people used all kinds of different phones. Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola , BlackBerry , Palm , Nokia. Smartphones, flip phones , sliders and keyboard phones and slabs. People bought what worked best for them. Now I swear that people treat there phone brand like a cult and if you aint in that cult you are the one left out.
  • Find a way to bring Airdrop, iMessage and an ecosystem where Google doesn’t kill nearly every new app I fall in live with to the Android ecosystem … and I will abandons iPhone and return to Android. I would never judge anyone for the phone they use (just silly) but, after using both platforms, I have found iOS far better and more reliable for my needs. Also, the phones tend to have a far better hardware build. In my opinion, of course.
  • It's a US thing with this "droid shaming" because outside the US, nobody gives a **** what phone you use and WhatsApp is the defacto messaging platform.
  • OK, you're entitled to your opinion. But would you bash or discriminate someone just because they show up as a green bubble on your phone? Also, Android devices now have nearby share, which works like Airdrop. iMessage is proprietary to Apple, but you now have RCS on Android phones. Of course, you also have Whatsapp and other heavilly used messaging platforms.
  • But they will always be asking me to send them the photos I took on my Android. Never the other way around!
  • I've never been shamed using android. If you do get shamed remember your android phone probably has better specs or a 120hz screen lol
  • the only person who gives me a hard time when i switch away from an iphone is my wife because she cant send me videos of our daughter easily and i make her use extra apps since everyone we know uses an iphone. But none of my coworkers or friends has ever made a judgement on it im in my 30s.
  • Your wife should get out of her comfort zone and at least try an Android phone. I guarantee she"ll be impressed with Android when you show her what Android is capable of.
  • Use Google photos and create a shared gallery. She can add them there and you can check em out whenever.
  • I feel sorry for the author of this article if he actually has apples for friends, I mean do you have to draw a face on them and give them name's? I know techies can be nerds but dude get some real friends, not just fruit based one's.
  • I never had any problem with that. Everyone I know (from my circle ) uses Whatsapp. I think this is a problem in EUA and Europe maybe. I never had this situation.
  • Here's a solution, ditch Apple completely and let your "friends" know and tell them you ain't never coming back and leave them in their elitist Apple bubble, then find new friends.
  • Just to let you know Android doesn't need facetime. Google has it's very own video calling app called Duo and it's arguably better and can even make clear voice calls over 2g. You don't even need the other person to have the app installed either for you to call them as it is built in to the OS.
  • You and your friends need to grow up, just saying! Happy Monday!
  • NEWS FLASH! I know windows OS is the most used desktop OS in the world but, it's unsecure, prone to viruses and your likely to get hacked. Oh and they are also cheap and tacky
  • All of this is just silky, enjoy the phone you use and make no apologies for it.
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  • As a person who owns a Apple and Samsung phone i love both. I personally don't think you can go wrong with either one. As the article said "You Do You". As for those people shaming others for using Android devices, they need to stop it. Mind your own business. Everyone has the right to choose what works for them and respect that
  • Too funny. This has never happened to me either. I think of Apple Users as brainwashed Automotons so I guess the opposite is true here.
  • It's a phone! People argue about that siliest things!
  • Funny. I mock the Apple people all the time. Trust me, it's a target rich environment ...