Apple is bringing FaceTime to Android in the most green bubble way possible

Facetime Links
Facetime Links (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple just announced new FaceTime invite links so users can join a chat from anywhere.
  • The links are available for Android and web users to access a FaceTime video call.
  • The new feature will arrive with iOS 15 and was announced during WWDC 2021.

Apple has shown off several new features arriving in FaceTime. One notable feature includes new invite links that allow users to join a video call from almost anywhere. This opens up FaceTime video calls to users on the best Android phones and the web.

FaceTime was previously only available for users on iPhones and Macs and will now open up to billions of users on Android and Windows thanks to iOS 15. iPhone users with iOS 15 will can create a link to a FaceTime chat and share it through the normal share sheet, meaning the link can be sent to others via apps or email.

It's gleaned from the announcement that FaceTime won't be available via a dedicated Android app but rather via the device web browser. It remains to be seen how well this will work, but Apple is clearly saving the best FaceTime support for its own devices.

Teleconferencing has been on the rise over the past year as the COVID-19 pandemic affected much of the world, and companies and employees continue working from home. Bringing FaceTime to more devices is likely to be heavily leveraged, especially within families with mixed platform usage.

The feature will most likely launch this Fall when iOS 15 rolls out for current iPhones.

Other features are also arriving on FaceTime, such as a new grid/tile layout similar to what was recently introduced on Google Meet, as well as call scheduling. FaceTime SharePlay will now allow users to share media within the call, like photos and even movies.

The feature was shown off briefly during Apple's WWDC keynote, which is still happening live. You can check out for full coverage of the event.

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  • LMAO. No thank you. If you can't be bothered to make an app, I'm not wasting my time dicking around in a web browser. Jesus, apple doesn't get it
  • They get it much more than you think. Here is the deal, your (I'm referring to anybody) family or friend who is an apple user invites you for a video call, after few times, you will start feeling how cohesive and simple apple is, this may end up bringing you to apple. I'm a die hard Samsung android fan, but I do understand how amazing apple is at their business.
  • Everyone I know with IPhone has gotten past the gimick of FaceTime and rarely use it anymore. Not happening....go read the rest of the comments in here. No one gives a.....
  • Great news. Glad to hear this.
  • Anyone who is happy about this should write Zoom a thankyou note.
  • Please explain why?
  • Because Zoom's explosion in popularity is the only reason it happened.
  • No thanks. I'm just fine without this.
  • Nope not interested in this
  • Who cares? This facetime links won't convince Android users to switch to a limited and locked down iPhone, yeah I still have my iPhone but only because I can't bring myself to tell my sister that I don't want to be in Apple's walled garden anymore, Android has made me feel liberated. I'm loving the freedom to use and personalise my device my way and the device that suits me best is a Pixel because I still like that iPhone simplicity but with some freedom to customise my phone how I want. Not what some faceless and greedy corporation thinks I want.
  • I'm an Android user but everyone in my family including my GF is an iphone user. Google duo works just fine for us but thanks for trying apple
  • Yeah with Google Duo.... There's no reason for me to jump through these hoops. Nice try tho...
  • And Apple deliberately shows the ugliest Android phone for their "FaceTime links" feature which is a joke just like this feature.
  • Seriously does anyone have a guess as to which android device that is? It looks like a 200 phone from 3 years ago
  • Exactly, Apple thinks Android phones are cheap junk which the vast majority of Android phones are great now and can do more than any iPhone ever could, such as having a file system and multitasking.
  • I’ve had multiple Notes, and still own and use one. I never use the multitasking features. Multitasking on anything that isn’t at least a tablet or dual display smartphone is just not practical. The screen is not big enough to accommodate this. On a Tab S this becomes very useful, but iPads got that when iPadOS became a thing, anyways. iOS and iPadOS have file systems that are more than good enough. Where have you been? Most Android phones are low end, still, and generally the people who buy iPhones have an idea of what Android is, and choose it anyways. Most people stopped billeting features half a decade ago. Time for you to move on.