Hyetis Crossbow

Ever since I talked a little bit about smart watches earlier in the week, folks have been linking me to all these great projects companies have in the works and in various stages of availability. I appreciate it — don't stop! But when a reader sent me to the Hyetis site, I knew it was something I had to share.

I'm not in love with the style, as it has that "hipster" look where i would prefer a more classic design. But the specs and build materials have my Visa card all twitchy.

The case is a polished, blasted and brushed block of grade-5 titanium. The crown has a rubber grip and the sensors are protected behind a ceramic and composite cover. The watch movement itself is a 25-jewel Swiss-made automatic built for Hyetis, with a 48-hour power reserve. The electronic specs look great, too:

  • High definition camera with optimized selection of pixels variable definition
  • Lens with optical zoom
  • Accelerometer
  • HD Microphone
  • Altimeter / thermometer / hygrometer / light meter
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth / Wifi / NFC
  • Tactile sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment
  • High definition LCD Dial Twin battery pack biometric sensor devices
  • Pairing with Smartphones running iOS / Android / Windows 8

The drawback is the price. The "Earlybirds Special Edition" checks in at $1,200, and it ships in December 2013.

I still don't know if I'm ready for a smart watch, or if so which one I'll be buying. But for the watch geeks out there — and they exist — the Hyetis is worth having a look at.

Source: Hyetis. Thanks, TeeJay!