Hulu just unveiled a massive redesign to its user interface and added the most important feature it's had in years. The massive streaming service now offers Live TV streaming and a personalized recommendation engine that filters down the things you like to watch on a per-device basis instead of per-account. It's a huge change from the way Hulu has been doing things for years, and super visually appealing to boot.


You can sign up for a free trial of the new streaming service on the site now, and before you do there's an option to check out exactly what channels are available in your area. Included in the $40/month service is a 200 hour Cloud DVR with unlimited simultaneous recordings, which can be streamed to anything with Hulu support (which, lets be honest, is everything). The service claims support for unlimited screens when you're at home and up to three screens when you're away, but it's not totally clear how that will be monitored or limited.

Hulu has obviously been working hard on this in the background, because many of the locations we looked up included local stations and sports networks and all of the most popular cable channels. Compared to the recent beta for YouTube TV, Hulu is clearly ready to dominate this space and offer something unique.

Is this enough to make you switch from your current service? What do you think of the redesign? Sound off in the comments!