Huh? That's Time's Gadget of the Year?

Hey, we didn't expect the G1 to clean out all of the end-of-the-year awards that seemingly every publisher known to man doles out when it's the end-of-the-year. No, we know that the G1 still needs work. But really? The Peek E-Mail Device is the NUMBER 1 gadget of the year? It's THAT much better than the G1?

If you didn't know (we didn't really know until we used the Google) the Peek E-Mail device is a gadget that delivers E-mail to you. And that's pretty much it. For the cost of $100 plus $20 per month for data you get basic E-mail. No web browsing. No Google. No video. No phone. No anything else.

Yeah. And how is this so much better than the G1?


Casey Chan