Huh? That's Time's Gadget of the Year?

Hey, we didn't expect the G1 to clean out all of the end-of-the-year awards that seemingly every publisher known to man doles out when it's the end-of-the-year. No, we know that the G1 still needs work. But really? The Peek E-Mail Device is the NUMBER 1 gadget of the year? It's THAT much better than the G1?

If you didn't know (we didn't really know until we used the Google) the Peek E-Mail device is a gadget that delivers E-mail to you. And that's pretty much it. For the cost of $100 plus $20 per month for data you get basic E-mail. No web browsing. No Google. No video. No phone. No anything else.

Yeah. And how is this so much better than the G1?


Casey Chan
  • The Peek is not Time's Gadget of the Year. It is, however, currently in first place in voting for Gadget of the Year. If you don't like it, then vote it down and vote the G1 up (it's already up to 5th from the 6th in your pic).
  • 'Cause the Peek does one thing, something a lot of folks want, and it does it very very well. It doesn't do a lot of other things so there is barely any learning curve, no questions about how to use it, no intimidation. For those dazzled by six different ways to do everything and it can do this and it can do that a simple solid little email performer is exactly the alternative they want. Not a geek toy - an email appliance. My best buddies' Dad has retired to a life of roaming randomly around the US in his motorhome. This is the perfect easy-to-get-the-hang-of device for him to send & recieve emails, keep in touch with the family, without any fuss.