This huge 200GB SanDisk microSD card can be yours for just $64

Should you be on the hunt for some more storage for your smartphone or tablet, you'll want to check out this whopping 200GB SanDisk microSD card, which can be yours for just $64 (opens in new tab). We've covered similar deals on these SanDisk cards in the past, and now there's yet another opportunity to pick one up for less.

SanDisk 200GB

This class 10 removable storage can be used in a portable device or with an adapter for a laptop. The choice is yours. It's definitely worth checking the manual for your smartphone or tablet to see if this capacity is supported before you hit purchase.

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Rich Edmonds
  • I believe it was 49.99 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. From and Newegg.
  • #EXACTLY. And these bastards didn't even promote that it was $49.99. I bought one for $59.99 a few months back. Best deal ever.
  • This has been at a lower price point before ($49.99)
  • It's slow though...not recommended for adoptable storage.
  • what would be good for adoptable storage?
  • $64 is too expensive.
  • damn str8!
  • $64 is too expensive.... I bought two for $49 each on CyberMonday...
    was going to order 3, but I thought 400gb
    was plenty? Now I regret not ordering the third one at $49.
  • It will be cheap again
  • Shown actual size
  • And to think I paid $15 for a 32 GB SD CARD. 😑