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Huawei P20 leaks in the flesh with display notch and two cameras

There are a lot of phones being announced at MWC this week, but that doesn't stop the leak train from chugging along at full steam. Just about a month before it's set to be unveiled in Paris, the Huawei P20 has leaked in a completely revealing hands-on photo.

Evan Blass shared the above image on Twitter on February 26, and as you can see, gives us a clear shot of the P20's front and back.

The front of the P20 appears to adopt the popular 18:9 aspect ratio and a front-facing fingerprint sensor lies beneath three on-screen navigation buttons. Bezels surrounding the display are quite thin, and just like another flagship phone from last year, the P20 has a notch at the top of its display to house its front-facing camera.

Flip the P20 over, and we're met with a glass back, rounded corners, and two rear cameras. Previous rumors have suggested that the P20 will come equipped with three cameras on the back, but it's entirely possible that's a feature that'll be reserved for the higher-end P20 Plus.

Also worth noting is the "Shirley" branding near the bottom. Huawei often uses fake brand names on its prototypes to help prevent potential leaks, but as you can see here, that hasn't helped much at all.

Huawei will announce the P20 on March 27 in Paris, France, and now that we've got our first look at the phone, are you more or less excited for it?

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Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • What's the point of shrinking the top bezel of the phone to the point of needing a notch if you're going to have a bottom bezel big enough to put a fingerprint sensor on it? To me it completely ruins the aesthetic of the phone. I'd much rather have symmetrical bezels.
  • ^ This! I don't understand why the sensor isn't on the back of the device? Honestly I don't like it.
  • @ Celso, the same can be said for the Essential phone too.
    The iPhone X design had a reason for its notch whether ppl agree with the decision Apple choose to go with. Huawei sees if Apple can push that design forward and be accepted by most they can do it too, but better (NOT), lol.
  • I've had the iPhone X and it actually looked fine with the notch. It may seem senseless but don't let it get in the way of getting the phone you want.
  • I HAVE the iPhone X (and a Pixel 2 XL), and I have zero problems with the notch on it! i like the notch. Apple wanted to design a phone with an all glass front and the notch was a compromise to making it happen with the current technology (a reasonable in my opinion). Just don't give us a notch for the sake of having a notch! On my Pixel 2 XL I don't mind having bigger bezels than on the iPhone X or the Galaxy S8/S9, because they allow me to have front facing speakers. As long as I feel that something was put in place with a practical purpose, something other than 'look, me too' i have zero problems with it.
  • I think the iPhone X has to have a curved display to accommodate some sensors in order to get the screen to go to the bottom of the phone. These phones probably still need to have these sensors on the flat screen, hence the bezels. They probably thought of we have to have a bezel, why not use it for the fingerprint scanner?
  • Shirley you can't be serious.
  • Came here for this.
  • Don't call me Shirley
  • ...and also this.
  • And here begins the let's copy Apple trend with a ridiculous notch!
  • Exactly. So frickin stupid.
  • Pretty much. Defeats the purpose of end to end screen. Just keep the bezel.
  • I'm waiting for the triple lens leak pictures.
  • Essential Phone had a "notch" before there was an iPhone X. While yes this does resemble the X a lot, let's not pretend that there aren't several phones already on the market with a screen cut-in. Why not move the fingerprint sensor to the back? At least include hardware navigation buttons so you have more usable screen space. I'll take a full width top bezel with the sensors any day over a cut-in.
  • Either way, the notch on the Essential was tiny, and we all know Huawei is doing this only to copy Apple. Stupid move. These notches are completely unnecessary. I'm actually rather annoyed that Google has added notch support to Android P.
  • Just on principle I would not get this phone because they added the completely unnecessary notch. Copying stupid ideas from Apple is really getting old. First it was removing the 3.5mm jack, and now the notch. Sheesh. These OEMs copying those ideas really lack imagination.
  • It worked for Samsung with fantastic results, why should others stay clear of a proven theory with fruitful results. Huawei's goal is to become the number one smartphone vendor in the world by 2021. They can get there if the can follow the rulebook Samsung used to beat Nokia. Which is copy and position themselves as the best alternation for non iOS devices. Spend ton on marketing and flood the market with an unlimited number of devices with ton of incentives. Samsung is done in China, meaning Huawei has won there, the next fight will be in Europe, India and eventually the US. Huawei is doing good in EU, they got a setback last month or so in the US, but I am sure if they spend enough money with the right folks they will eventually see some success there.
  • Shirley, not another notch, YIKES. The only notch I like are notch 0's. Oh boy! Just take a peek at what Apple & the ph-1 started. A new modern trend that sucks!
  • That is so fugly with that fingerprint sensor like that. Wow. Unbelievable how some designers who actually go to design school, design that kind of phone when any android central reader knows that's ugly. Unbelievable.
  • I have the essential phone and I like the notch. If any OEM decides to put the fingerprint reader on the front, they should also go with physical navigation keys. The P20 Looks ugly as it is.
  • The front fingerprint sensor also doubles as a gesture sensor to replace the nav keys altogether (optional)
  • Sorry but it looks like the cheap iphone X Chinese copycats I see lately in some youTube channels....Yikes...
  • Ugh notches are a bad look.
  • Why did they put the fingerprint sensor on the pro when the lite version has it on the back (facepalm). They should have gone all glass on the front and just put it on the back.