HTC Will Finally Make Phones with 3.5 mm Headphone Jack

The lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack on both the T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G has drawn the ire of many Android users. It has been an indefensible decision on HTC's part for including that 'one-plug-to-rule-them-all' ExtUSB junk on their phones. It forced users to buy dongles (which is available in our store, btw =) ) and adapters that seemed senseless and was always annoying. Thankfully, HTC has realized their error and will now put out phones with the 3.5 mm standard, starting with the Hero. To quote HTC:

The vast majority of devices we launch after Hero will have a 3.5mm jack. Devices that we have already announced but that still come out after Hero will not necessarily be a part of this change.

So ExtUSB isn't done yet, but it sure is close. And for that, we can all celebrate! The tech world is a better place when manufacturers follow industry standards.

[via mobilecrunch]

Casey Chan
  • About time.
  • The 3.5 jack is a good idea, until it goes bad. Then you can only hear sound through the headset! I had this happen to a older windows mobile phone. And some friends of mine have had it happen on some newer phones too! It might come back to haunt us! Maybe now they're using a software switch to turn off the sound of the internal speaker instead of a physical one?
  • I can't believe that having a 3.5mm jack is that big of a deal. But, I guess I don't use my phones for music anyway.
  • It is a big deal. I used to own an htc titan, and as great as that phone was, i'll never by another htc unless it has a standard headphone Jack. That USB nonsense just isn't a solid/sturdy enough connection for consistent and ubiquitous use, IMHO.
  • now all we need is a decent flash or low light picture support and i'll buy a new gphone ;)
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