In a nod to the power of social networks, HTC wants Facebook users to vote on the name of its next device. The options? Jovi, Zeal, Wildfire, and Festi.  No details about the device are given so we don't know if it's going to be an Android-powered, Windows Mobile-powered, or dumbphone-powered device or even what form factor it'll take. But even if with all that mystery, to be able to have a little say in what the name of the next HTC device is going to be is kind of cool.

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On the poll, HTC cryptically says that they're looking for a name "that is playful and full of youth". And given that they're hosting the survey on Facebook, we can assume it'll deeply tie into social networking. Basically, there's a good chance that this phone isn't for the grown up in us. Hopefully, HTC continues this trend of customer input cause it's pretty darn fun.

Psst, our vote is currently in last place. Which name are you voting for? [facebook]