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HTC wants you to name its next phone

In a nod to the power of social networks, HTC wants Facebook users to vote on the name of its next device. The options? Jovi, Zeal, Wildfire, and Festi.  No details about the device are given so we don't know if it's going to be an Android-powered, Windows Mobile-powered, or dumbphone-powered device or even what form factor it'll take. But even if with all that mystery, to be able to have a little say in what the name of the next HTC device is going to be is kind of cool.

On the poll, HTC cryptically says that they're looking for a name "that is playful and full of youth". And given that they're hosting the survey on Facebook, we can assume it'll deeply tie into social networking. Basically, there's a good chance that this phone isn't for the grown up in us. Hopefully, HTC continues this trend of customer input cause it's pretty darn fun.

Psst, our vote is currently in last place. Which name are you voting for? [facebook]

  • I'd chose htc wildfire.
  • Festi 4tw
  • HTC WebOS
  • HTC Supersonic Quadro Pilot ;)
  • Jovi, are you serious? How bout the HTC Obama or the HTC Cyrus?
  • FESTi
  • Playful and full of youth? The HTC Diaper.
  • Wildfire, that doesn't sound too positive. Makes me think of a forest fire
  • How about the HTC LOL? HTC Bananaphone would be fun too.
  • I just read a study that found that wireless device manufacturers are facing a shortage of device names and are on pace to run out completely by 2012.
  • Haha! is this what that 2012 movie dealt with?
  • Al Gore reported this as well. Man Bear Pig was spotted in the wild using the N1. Alphanumeric only due to dwindling pool of smart phone names.
  • Jovi is stupid, I don't think anything about Bon Jovi is youthful unless the word means something else in French. Zeal is too much like veal, and who wants to think about butchering young, defenseless calves kept in a small cage their whole lives. ** Wildfire is my choice if only because the first thing I thought of was a rave. I do see the forest fire reference, but not being from the west coast, I really don't see wildfires as a "bad" thing. Festi would only be my runner up if the phone was Windows based.
  • I'm pretty sure they're aiming for "jovial" which means fun or cheery which would be right along the lines of what they are aiming for with the phone. Oh, and jovial is a word in English.
  • I am aware jovial is an english word, though I will admit to failing to make the leap from jovi to jovial. And while I could see jovial being a better word than festi, it is a little obvious which is probably why they went with jovi in the first place. But come on, jovi does sound french don't you think?
  • HTC Evo UK? Purleeeeeeeze!
  • This is a gimme. Wildfire is the only plausible title. {{-_-}}
  • WldFire sounds cool. thats what i chose. the phone is for set to be marketed for the youthful, so it will spread like WILDFIRE! lol
  • BB Killer
  • Zeal plz! Wasn't Festi the name of that smallish Android touchscreen with a T9 keypad on that old green looking document? Or something?
  • I originally went with Zeal, but if it's being marketed at social networking youth, I don't think that will scan. I guess Wildfire would be better. I don't get a vote because I don't do Facebook.