HTC VP of design departing for Google

HTC's head of design, Claude Zellweger, has announced that he will be joining the Daydream VR team at Google. Zellweger was responsible for the design of the HTC Vive, as well as phones like the HTC 10, and One M7 (in partnership with Scott Croyle, now of Nextbit).

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Zellweger hasn't given any further details on his new role at Google, and his Twitter bio still lists his old HTC title of VP of Design. However, sources at the company tell Engadget that he actually departed in July 2016, and has merely stayed on in a "grace period" in the interim.

In any case, Zellweger's exit is significant in the context of a long-running brain drain at HTC. The many high-level departures over the past few years have included the other two members of the One & Co. design team HTC acquired in 2008, Scott Croyle (who left for Nextbit in 2014) and successor Jonah Becker (who departed a year later for Fitbit).

Update: In a statement sent to AC, HTC has confirmed that Zellweger' departure.

HTC can confirm that Claude Zellweger has left the Company. We appreciate his considerable contribution to HTC, and wish him well in his future endeavors. HTC continues to invest in talent and recruitment as part of our broader strategy to ensure the continued strength and integrity of the Company's organizational structure.

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