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HTC U Ultra specs: 5.7-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 821, 3000 mAh battery

HTC's U Ultra is a big phone, with plenty of specs under its beautiful glass exterior. When it comes to what you expect from a high-end phone, you get it here: Snapdragon 821, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a 5.7-inch QHD display covered by Gorilla Glass 5 and a top-end camera with big pixels and a fast aperture. It's all here, and more, in the full HTC U Ultra spec sheet.

Operating SystemAndroid 7.0 Nougat
HTC Sense
Display5.7-inch Super LCD 5, 2560x1440
2-inch secondary, 160x1040
Gorilla Glass 5
ProcessorSnapdragon 821 quad-core, 2.15GHz
ExpandablemicroSD card
Rear Camera12MP UltraPixel 2, 1.55-micron pixel, f/.1.8, OIS
PDAF, Laser AF, dual-tone flash
4K video with 3D audio
Slow motion 720p at 120fps
hi-res audio
Front Camera16MP, BSI
UltraPixel mode, 1080p video
Quick Charge 3.0
Battery3000 mAh
ConnectivityUSB 3.1 Gen 1, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11ac
Water resistanceNo
SecurityOne-touch fingerprint sensor
Dimensions162.41 x 79.79 x 7.99 mm
Colorsblack, blue, pink, white

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • So the battery is the same size as my s7 even though the U Ultra has a bigger screen with a secondary screen on top of that?
  • Yeah, not great.
  • That battery capacity, though.
  • low battery, no audio port, embarrassing mixed design between a Note and a HTC? no thanks.
  • That battery is a deal breaker.
  • That battery sucks.
  • I like the design on the back but the battery capacity is a major red flag. 5.7" at 3,000mah doesn't sound comforting at all.
  • I just wanna see the price.
  • Alex said $749 in hands on video
  • I kinda dig it. I'm no HTC fan boy, but they HAVE to do something different from the One series (I put the 10 in the One series). Great phones, but super meh the past few years. Maybe this will shake things up and grab some attention from average consumers. I've never seen an HTC 10 in person and already see Pixels all over the place and the Pixel is only a few months old and on one carrier and The Google Store.
  • Not sure if these manufacturers are just stubborn, or if people just aren't vocal enough about the need for full day, anxiety free battery life (based on *moderate* use). Phones 5.5 inches and up with QHD screens should START at 3500mah...on the low end. It's really not that hard. And quick charge, while nice, is not a substitute for a full day battery.
  • Those specs are hardly better then my Note 5!
  • I'm sorry that you're in denial.
  • No denial there. The 820/821 barely outperform the 7420. Same amount of RAM, same display resolution, and probably a worse camera.
  • News for you. They are
  • No audio port.. Seemingly disappointing battery. *sigh* HTC, PLEASE I LOVE YOU. PUT OUT A PHONE WITH THE FULL PACKAGE!!! It is too often where you will have an amazing phone from HTC that misses one thing and its absence completely ruins it. That's what needs to change for you to get back in the game. Leave nothing out! Put that audio jack back in (maybe with a high quality DAC) and start off with a 3000 mAh device at base
  • IT WILL NOT SELL. Even if they market it to the moon and price it at $299. Someone from the in-crowd giving up their iPhone or Galaxy for something that isn't popular or what everyone else has, ain't gonna happen in great numbers in this lifetime. So HTC is screwed either way.
  • No IP68?
  • This fails! This should have been released last year when the Note was initially released. The battery is too small for that size of a display. They could have waited longer and released the phone with the Snapdragon 835. I'm not sure what HTC was thinking. I can't imagine HTC makes it to next year to release a flagship phone based on this phone and the time it was announced. Does anyone know what direction HTC is going besides down/backwards?
  • No wireless charging?
  • They mean 3000 meh battery.
  • This phone is like someone you really want to bang then you find out they have V.D.
  • Nice.
  • I'm a little disappointed in that battery size but love the design though. With it being made out of glass it should have waterproofing and wireless charging too. Price is very high knowing more powerful phones are coming very soon. I want to get hands on it though.
  • Hate the design. Very disappointed to see HTC jumping on the glass back train. But I am very relieved to see that they stuck with Super LCD. That gives me hope that the 11 (or whatever they call it) won't be AMOLED. Pokegate: 07/14/16 - Never Forget...
  • "Pokegate: 07/14/16 - Never Forget..."
    This^^ is awesomesauce. Rock on man.
  • I would prefer a AMOLED screen.
  • No water resistance, no thanks. The specs don't seem like they're 2017 specs. They seem like they're stuck in 2016.
  • You know, i've been an HTC apologist since i got my first HTC M7 but man, they really have lost it. The second screen is not the type of gimmick I would expect to see on an HTC designed phone and I don't mean that in a good way. They are going in the wrong direction if this is what they're envisioning the smartphone market to get excited about in 2017. All they had to do was make a better looking version of the Pixel with amazing battery life, removable storage, and improve on all the basics. That glass back just screams "Samsung" to me and usability is probably just as bad. Not having waterproofing just doesn't make any sense to me considering it doesn't have a headphone jack. Sorry HTC, you've lost your way and I'll be moving on to greener pastures this year.
  • And exactly what good would it have done them to follow your recommendations? None. Its sales would be junk and it's still be bypassed for a Galaxy or iPhone. There is no solution for HTC to prevent their guaranteed exit from the smartphone market.
  • Yes, they have totally lost there way. Expecting people to pay Samsung prices for NO IP68, NO Wireless Charging to take advantage of glass back, 600mah smaller battery than the March 2016 GS7 Edge. The secondary display of questionable usefulness doesn't not trump these major shortcomings in a 2017 phone. I don't care about the lack of headphone jack.
  • Ha, I doubt many people would even pay $100 for this thing. Not slamming the device itself though.
  • Damn, just damn... I was really hoping to come back to htc
  • Why are narcissistic selfies more important than rear camera shots..
    I understand the rear camera has more "tech" behind it, but come on. As far as the overall phone goes..
    I've been asking this for a while. Why not come full circle with a name and phone that got this whole smart phone thing really going for HTC. BRING BACK THE EVO!
    The Dark Knight returns! Bigger, badder and ready to SAVE the day. Water proof, high tech specs, stylus, a Dam kickstand (best invention ever in a large screen phone that wants you to enjoy watching something) the speakers you've mastered since, the best camera you can make and a battery that will power it for days. I've been hoping this would have been something done the past few years in the fall cycle to compete with the "high end" offerings. But for the love of God, save your company and make the EVO return! Anyone on my page with this??
  • I'd be white on rice with that. Bring back the Evo proper and do better with design. Make it ruggedized have the integrated kick stand do proper stereo speakers. Give it great battery and price it at 549. You'd have the anti iPhone and Sammy. Sometimes you have to be contrary to stand out. Not a Me to design.
  • I'm with you. If they don't do something like that soon, HTC can close the shop
  • Why are all these phone manufacturers so complacent with the 3,000mAh battery size? That really isn't enough anymore. Especially since these devices just keep getting more powerful.
  • HTC just can't seem to win. First of all, by jumping the gun, it won't have the SD 835 like the other flagship will likely have. Secondly, that battery is too tiny (ask anyone with a V10/V20). Other than that, it looks good to me and I'd be interested if it weren't for that too of the line price. So that's 3 strikes against it.
  • No 3.5mm jack, no SD 835, no wireless charging for $749? How is this phone any better than ONE + T? I like HTC a lot, but they need to stop making moves out of desperation. Who wants to pay $800 for last years specs and use it for next 2 years? This phone should have been priced at $549. Even if they have another flagship phone coming out this year, than it will be betrayal to customers payed 800 for this one. This company needs to let go some employees that makes dumb decisions like this and hire some talent.
  • They definitely need to fire some idiot's that keeps making these stupid mistakes and ideas. Looks to me like HTC have some bad eggs trying to keep them down and out. No company is this bad.
  • I haven't laughed this loud since 2016 Seven-Hundred Forty-Nine Dollars and Ninety-Nine cents ...It's 04/01/17 already.....Whew! This year is gon by so fast..
  • Is this being released in April 1st?