HTC Touch HD 2 to Run Android ?

If you don't remember the HTC Touch HD, we don't fault you. It was a splendidly wonderful, beautifully delicious type device that for some reason or another, did not launch in the US. Our friends at WMExperts had a very brief hands-on video, so if you want a refresher, feel free to click on over. The Touch HD was stunning because the screen (800x480) was simply drop dead gorgeous. But the Touch HD was a downer because it ran Windows Mobile.

So now that you've caught up with the original HTC Touch HD, how would you feel if the HTC Touch HD 2 ran Android? And that's not all, the HTC Touch HD 2 would also receive a CPU speed bump to 628 MHz (from 528 MHz)--all the more to make running Android and HD video off your phone that much easier. Amazing, right?

It's only rumor at this point, and a very weak rumor at that, but just the thought of that HD screen running HTC Sense and Android makes us weak in the knees. We won't even talk about it any further for fear of jinxing the whole deal. Glorious!


Casey Chan