HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread update anticipated to be coming (back) 'soon'

The HTC Thunderbolt has had a rough patch when it comes to Gingerbread.  Combine lots of rumors, even more leaks, and a pretty poor OTA that ended up getting yanked back and you'll have a mix that's bound to have Android power users up in arms.  We're not going to judge anyone here, heck we can't judge  -- releasing software isn't easy.  Verizon and HTC want you to be happy, because they want you to be a return customer.  To quote a great philosopher, "Shit Happens".

Hopefully, the happenings have finished, and according to the official @HTC Twitter account, the powers that be "anticipate the update being available soon."  By most accounts, the previous build of Gingerbread was about 90 percent, and the few bugs remaining have hopefully been squashed.  We've got Phil's battle-scarred Thunderbolt primed and ready, and as soon as we catch wind of any updates you'll be the first to know.

Source: @HTC; More: HTC Thunderbolt forums

Thanks, Ryan!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Not holding my breath...
  • So what happens to all the people who downloaded the first GB release? Will we get this update?
  • Good question - my guess would be, yes, we will get the patch just like everyone else.
  • HTC don't waste anymore of your or our time. ICS getts announced tomorrow. Just start working on that. Gingerbread isn't much of an upgrade anyway. When Verizon releases this after the Prime is out, its going to leave a bad taste in Tbolt owners mouths.
  • True, ICS gets announced tomorrow - they haven't even gotten GB to work right on the TB......can you imagine how long it's going to take them to get ICS out to Thunderbolt users? My guess is it will show up on the Thunderbolt II before (and if) they push it out to us lowly TBI folk.
  • by the time this comes out the Thunderbolt 2 (Vigor) will be out
  • Hmm there is that word again, the word that Corporate merchandise companies have decided to distort from its true meaning. I know HTC ain't Moto but I won't be holding my breath for this one in the near future. I have lost my faith in merchants in the wireless industry with their promises.
  • What about those of us that got the first update. Will the software numbers be different or will I have to wipe the phone to override the old gingerbread?
  • This has to be the most stupidest post I have seen. Fck the thunderbolt. I have the first update to Gingerbread and my POS is no better off. ICS is coming and HTC is going!
  • I feel your pain.. Running a Rooted Droid Charge.. With a Custom "Froyo" EE4 Rom.. Froyo is Rock Stable.. And with a Custom Launcher ( Go Launcher EX ) you can do a lot of Customizing.. I could care less about Gingerbread.. I want Overclock stability and Froyo Brings that.. 1300 mhz and No hiccups.. Root your phones and stay with a Froyo Rom/ Kernel..
  • Yet another affirmation of my decision to jump on the Galaxy Nexus bandwagon in a couple weeks.
  • at least they said soon. Sameung keeps telling me they have no update info about the Droid Charge.
  • The last time they said "soon" I believe it took several months for the update to come out. Not only that, I have experienced some issues that have not really been detrimental to the use of my phone, but only somewhat annoying to say the least. The battery life since the update from Froyo has increased which I am very happy about, and that defiantly out ways the cons that I am currently experiencing. I hope they get the update out soon because for a single phone this shenanigans should have been solved already.
  • Yeah, I know - 8 months old and they are still trying to get it right.
  • and here's the reason i'm no longer buying HTC Phones (horrible OTA record with Thunderbolt) and i'm sticking with purchasing only Nexus devices from here on out. sorry HTC, your "it's coming soon" pushed me to look for a different (and different brand, mind you) phone. now i want the Galaxy Nexus & just have to remind myself, "it's coming soon" :)
  • Hey, my Thunderbolt works quite well on Gingerbread with the only issue being the voice mail notification doesn't work (which is what this upcoming update is supposed to fix). Besides there are easy workarounds for the issue. Along with Gingerbread, now that LTE has been turned on where I live, battery life is amazing! I'm on 24 hours on the standard battery and still have 40% left!!! I don't care about ICS for this thing, nor do I care about any upcoming phones. Once the voice mail issue is fixed, this phone is golden as far as I'm concerned! :)
  • "... bound to have Android power users up in arms." If you're a power user, you're more than likely rolling a Gingerbread-based custom ROM and therefore could give two poops about this. Where mah CM7 peeps at, holla!
  • This is the reason I will be switching to someone other than HTC and possibly the iPhone.
  • And the iPhone don't have it's share of problems? Every phone does but what gets me is when reading through the forums how some people have so many problems while others don't.