T-Mobile G2 Bluetooth headsets

A Bluetooth headset for your HTC Thunderbolt means you can can talk and keep your hands free -- a must if you insist on taking calls while driving. They also provide hands-free convenience any other time, like when working, shopping, etc. There are styles and features that will fit anyone's lifestyle, and budget. But they all have the same purpose -- connect wirelessly to your Thunderbolt to let you talk with your hands free.

HTC Thunderbolt Bluetooth stereo headsets

T-Mobile G2 Bluetooth stereo headsets

Bluetooth stereo headsets for your HTC Thunderbolt let you listen to music -- in both ears and in stereo -- as well as place and receive phone calls. Some look and feel more like traditional headphones, others have dongles, and others wrap around your ears.

HTC Thunderbolt Bluetooth speakerphones

T-Mobile G2 Bluetooth speakerphones

Thunderbolt Bluetooth speakerphones let you safely place and receive phone calls while in your car. They connect wirelessly to your phone and usually charge with the same USB cable as your Thunderbolt. Some speakerphones feature voice-activation, and others can interact with your phone's contacts.