HTC teases 'little' bit of news tomorrow

The rumor mill would certainly seem to suggest HTC's got a new pint-sized phone on the way, and now the company itself is teasing an announcement tomorrow through its UK Twitter account. Posting the image above, HTC UK says it's got "a 'little' bit of news tomorrow." The device in the photo might seem to be an HTC One, but upon closer inspection the rear mic — the black dot on the plastic trim — is on the opposite side. And if you take a close look at some of the recent leaks, you'll see the mic matches up exactly with the device in the shot.

So it looks like a new, smaller HTC One series device could indeed be headed our way soon. We'll be watching, so keep it locked to AC for all the latest.

Source: @HTC_UK (opens in new tab)

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Being in marketing myself, I love the way HTC had been building up the announcement for this phone Posted via Android Central App
  • I want a Verizon one! Not a streamed down one on the other carriers.
  • Nice Posted via Android Central App
  • Speaking of marketing- What are those god-awful pants, or whatever they are, all about?
  • This device is being marketed towards clowns and painters. I thought everyone knew that.
  • I lol'd
  • Can't wait to see it become official but from the leaks It looks anything but small. It looked just tiny bit smaller than the one..maybe its due to the angle or whatever the leaks were taken and hopefully in person it's actually much smaller than the leaks portray. Posted via Android Central App
  • I hope this comes to Sprint at a nice price. I'd be very interested in getting it as a mid-contract replacement to my phone (which has a damaged screen). It'll be especially hard to resist if it includes support for 800 MHz LTE frequencies on Sprint too. right now, as far as I know, 4g LTE phones on Sprint only support 1900 MHz LTE which isn't as good for getting signal in buildings.
  • Probably too early for tri-band LTE on this device. Would be awesome... but I guess we will know more once it goes through the FCC.
  • The HTC One International LTE supports 3 LTE bands.
  • Im waiting for the "lotta" bit of news - aka the One Max
  • If the Mini is released in the US (and T-Mobile in particular) within a couple of weeks I will be definitely returning my HTC One for the Mini. I love the One's design but its just slightly too large for comfortable daily use, granted my hands are on the smaller side. Lol HTC One on T-Mobile via Android Central App
  • Lolol. Smaller hands have their perks too!
  • I love that they made the teaser picture knowing that some people will be obsessive enough to notice the location of the rear mic.
  • Let's see this new device in glamor red! :) Posted via Android Central App
  • Back in my day, this was a regular sized phone. via AC App
  • You mean 2 years ago? You old codger you.
  • My guess is that they're announcing a phone that won't be coming to Verizon
  • When can we expect a waterproof One.