Vodafone UK took some time out to sit down with Symon Whitehorn, the resident camera expert at HTC. Discussions covered the Duo Camera as well as what consumers can expect to see in the future. With the HTC One (M8) sporting an impressive shooter, it only makes sense that we look ahead to see what HTC has planned.

Whitehorn notes that the next logical step for smartphone camera technology is 4K, but the company is waiting until the advanced HD technology really takes off in the consumer world.

"If you look at 4K quality, it really is only about 8-megapixels. That’s a pretty good level to hold at, because over and above that we’re not sure what benefit you’d be getting. That kind of ballpark is where we’ll be very happy to be in the future, as long as we can maintain the large pixel model."

But it's not just the rear cameras getting all the love and makeovers at HTC. The manufacturer is also wanting to storm the market and own the 'selfie'. The HTC One (M8) has a great 5-MP shooter on the front, but it's not an UltraPixel camera and doesn't share features the main component sports. This is set to change.

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"The front-facing camera will no longer be the afterthought, but more the selfie capturer. I’d never want to just put the same camera on each side. I’d rather optimise each camera for their roles, and treat them with an equal intellectual process. Selfies are a very different imaging environment."

HTC One M8

Back to the future -- quite literally. HTC's future plans include taking on the large DSLR cameras used by enthusiasts and professional photographers. Whitehorn explains that it's likely smartphone camera capabilities will match (if not surpass) high-end camera equipment as the lens barrier begins to fall apart. This would make it more difficult to justify taking a large camera (unless it's a shoot requiring specialist hardware, of course) when the smartphone can produce quality shots.

It's interesting as Whitehorn closes by stating that "the camera industry needs to feel totally threatened." We're certainly excited to see what HTC and other manufacturers will achieve in a year regarding smartphone optics.

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Source: Vodafone

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