HTC revenue down in May

HTC has published its latest unaudited monthly revenue figures, showing a slight drop in income from April to May, but a hefty year-on-year decrease. The company brought in NT$21.1 billion ($703 million) this May, compared to NT$22.1 billion ($736 million) in April, and NT$29.001 billion in May 2013. That's a 4.59% fall month-on-month, and a 27.37% decrease year-on-year.

While that sounds pretty dire, May was disproportionately stronger for HTC in 2013, likely due to the staggered international launch of the HTC One M7. When April and May's figures are combined, the year-on-year decrease is just 11.22% — still a fall, but a less drastic one.

HTC must now make NT$22-32 billion in June to hit its target of NT$65-70 billion in revenue for the current quarter.

In the coming month the company will be looking to mid-range products like the Desire 816 and One Mini 2 in Europe, and the new China-bound One E8 at the high end to bolster its balance sheet.

Source: HTC Investors (opens in new tab)

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  • Well HTC better get out there and support HTC and help them reach their target goals. The ship is still taking on water...
  • So much for the M8 saving the day, huh? :(
  • and that is not a repeat from the M7...
  • and the One X, S and V? Posted via an AT&T Galaxy S III LTE
  • I am really pulling for them. Purchased my One M8 a fee weeks ago and I am so glad I did, absolutely love this device(had GS4 before). I love everything about their user experience, still wonder if they will enter the smart wearable race. Posted via Android Central App
  • +1 to this. HTC are one of a tiny number of companies in the Android space who care about design. I bought my One outright and I will continue buying HTC's phones as long as they keep making good ones.
  • Exactly! I also bought my One outright, definitely want to keep buying HTC products if they are as well built and operate as well as the One. Posted via Android Central App
  • It's over. They needed a revenue increase. If their leadership has any intelligence, at all, they'll "merge" or sell to someone. Their industrial and consumer design team has real value.
  • Palm also had plenty of talent when they sold their shoeuld to the devil with HP! You're clueless, the absolute best way to give up innovation and promise is to sell yourselves to a large company promising cash flow to get your ideas of the ground. Didn't work with Palm and won't work with HTC! I'll keep on buying their shit and showing people how good it is! The M8 is an amazing device. Posted via Android Central App
  • Unfortunately for Palm, HP had a change in leadership just when they was about to ship and killed the Pre. I hate HP, I hate them worse than cabbage and liver.
  • Gah. Google needs to release Wear already. The anticipation for hardware design heavyweights in the wristwear department is killing me. I want to know how the One Wear will compare to the 360.
  • LOL Posted via NEXUS 5
  • I seriously hope HTC does well enough to stick around. Posted via Android Central App
  • +1
  • +10!
  • +100 Posted via Android Central App
  • +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  • Dammit. HTC really NEEDS marketing. They've got stellar devices but with little marketing, they're not gonna fly off the shelves. Posted via Android Central App
  • yeah they really need to take a page from Samsung and show some of the features of the phone, not that dumb crap they had out last month...
  • I doubt it would help. In my narrow mind, they could have the identical features and commercials as Samsung and it wouldn't make a difference. Not many know who HTC is and the majority of the ones who do, hate them (see comments in HTC articles and discussion). They are doomed. Posted via Android Central App
  • If you have little profits and your phone already takes a shit load to make, obviously marketing will take a hit. Trust, if HTC focused more on marketing, the build quality will decreases
  • There is a balance to be had Posted via Android Central App
  • They don't just need marketing, they need BETTER marketing. Those god-awful commercials with that guy saying 'blah blah blah' are not helping them at all. And that Robert Downey Jr. commercial was even worse. It's a complete waste to spend tens of millions on those types of ads.
  • Their money went to Downey Jr. The paid him a boat load for nothing. Too bad they sold beats they could have some major funds coming it right about now Posted via Android Central App
  • Except HTC never owned Beats. Dre did. Hence "Beats by Dre."
  • They should really shove the premium build and higher internal storage compared to Samsung in advertising
  • And be countered in a heartbeat with scratch and dent + SD card commercials. Samsung still would win that race. Posted via Android Central App
  • HTC Advantage should be promoted more heavily. The free one-time screen replacement for the first 6 months will make quite a bit of people interested. Posted via Android Central App
  • As much as I love htc, they made some silly decisions with the M8 IMO. Not upgrading the resolution of the camera and making it so big being but two. I love my M7 but will be getting the S5 in the next few weeks. The higher detail of the camera and waterproofing are more inline with my needs than the M8. Only thing I'll miss are zoe's Posted from the ONE
  • Common, the m8 looks ten times better and feels better than the s5. I agree that daytime pics and overall detail goes to s5, but the video highlights, zoes and a better camera app overall makes the m8 camera feels a lot less inferior.
    And mate, the s5 is really ugly.
    What's the point of waterproof ing if the warranty does not cover water damage ?! And the flaps....don't even get me started on the little annoying flaps used to cover different ports..
  • Flaps are a necessity, and the wireless charging back cover solves that issue. I really miss wireless charging from my nexus 4 and have 4 qi pads lying around at home, in the car and at work. For something that spends most of the day in my pocket, ugly is a trade off I'm willing to accept. The M7 and M8 are slippery suckers and the s5 is really easy to keep hold of with less hand gymnastics than the M8. And I live in England, it rains virtually everyday so waterproofing is very handy and the warranty is useless to me as my bank gives me free phone insurance. As for video highlights; Google+ ripped that off quite nicely so it won't be missed Posted from the ONE
  • If yr bank gives you free insurance, then the whole waterproof ing is useless, to you any way. I'm living in England as well, and guess what, never ever had issues with water damage.
  • Haven't had any problems with water damage either, but that's because my phone goes straight into my pocket as soon as it rains. I don't have to put it away if it's waterproof Posted from the ONE
  • While I agree with the look of the S5 (I got kinda sick of it) it still feels good in the hand, is less slippery than the M8 and hold up much better in the long haul (metal scratches and dents) and cannot be replaced as easily. That premium material looks like crap after one good drop. The camera is inferior, no features do not make up for it. Your flaps comment is just dumb. They are a necessity for waterproofing. Your warranty comment was close silly as well. It meets a standard but it is not meant to be the end all. There are tons of things to like about the M8. I like the phone overall and would only discourage people from buying it if they need a decent camera. Sense 6 is great, the sound is awesome. It has a good feature set overall. Tons of positives but as usual HTC manages to grab defeat from the jaws of victory.
  • I'm sorry but I think I'm allowed to hate flaps, necessity or not. Everything is subjective. As for dumb and silly, whatever makes yr day, I'm not here to judge.
  • The S5 really isn't that ugly but you seemed to have woken up on the wrong friggin side of the bed.
  • Looks better and feels better, does not equate to begin a better smartphone, sorry but HTC has failed in many fronts, reason for their demise. Posted via Android Central App
  • It's water-resistant, NOT waterproof. There's a big difference. Even Samsung said so. Posted via Android Central App
  • Submerging under fresh water for 30 minutes at 1 meter depth is water proof... For all intents and purposes Posted via Android Central App
  • That is true, but I personally still rate it as a water-resistant phone due to it's removable back cover. It's obviously not a rugged phone meant for underwater adventures. It's more of a shield against accidents.
  • Agreed, they needed to have something that could compete with Samsung even if it doesn't quite equal the S5. The camera and that awful wasted space where the logo is, it's like Verizon designed it. And I know boomsound is great, and HTC has great quality but I'd venture a guess that less than 10% of people really use the speakers enough to justify it. I know the metal body being premium is supposed to be great. That's not where I want my quality. Does the body of the device need to be solid sure. But 90% of these phones are made so slippery they are hard to hold which is why we have an entire industry of manufacturers making cases, because people not only want to protect their device but be able to hold onto it. It's a pretty phone but I just think it's very niche and they need to follow the leader like LG is doing. Posted via Android Central App
  • It's not wasted space. Do some research Posted via Android Central App
  • Why do no other phones have a huge Ass bezel that dies absolutely nothing then? Even the boomsound speakers serve à purpose, that black bar does jack squat! Posted via Android Central App
  • Well, now that Apple has copied virtually all Androids features and is about to launch a larger screened iPhone there really is no place for a 'premium' build Android phone. No matter how nice the M8 may be they will never out-Apple Apple on the build quality side of things - in perception if not reality.
    Samsung will continue to out feature the competition, and Motorola is taking the quality devices at discounted prices approach. I'm afraid HTC is a dead man walking. Shame. Oddly their most lucrative path would have been holding on to their stake in Beats. Posted via Android Central App
  • You are an idiot. Posted via Android Central App
  • I will not buy an HTC phone so long as that Sense garbage is there.
  • Can you elaborate on what's so bad about sense and why it is garbage?
  • How else would you describe garbage? Posted via NEXUS 5
  • The way it looks, its user interface design, and the fact that it takes up any system resources.
  • Each of those complaints apply less to sense than any other Android os, and as such, should be applied to every manufacturer; rendering your comment more or less meaningless. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm going to say those are all the reasons why I liked it when I had it before getting a sgs5. System resources being taken up never affected me either. To each his own.
  • You clearly haven't used Sense. Posted via Android Central App
  • Clearly he has and he probably didn't like it. Do you have a problem with people not liking the things that you yourself like?
  • Opinions vary, thank you for thanking the time to point this out to those that believe their belief is the only one that matters. Posted via Android Central App
  • It's fair to have an opinion, but some elaboration would help me understand what he finds wrong with sense. But as a solution to his problem, he can always get a GPE or even convert any One to a GPE since he said he'd buy an HTC of it weren't for sense. Well there is a One without sense.
  • Thank you! Posted via Android Central App
  • Fair enough, brother.
  • Why would I spend so much money on a Google Play Edition when I could get a Nexus or Moto X for less? I don't even think the design of the HTC One is all that. It's gigantic, has ugly bezels, and will dent, which is not what I'm looking for in a phone.
  • I would consider an HTC if not for Sense. I wouldn't automatically buy one. There are other reasons I'm not in enamored with their phones.
    I don't get why HTC One fans are so butt hurt about people not liking their phones.
  • I have, and I hated it.
  • Said the liar Posted via Android Central App
  • Dude, who are you? Posted via Android Central App
  • Prove that he's lying or stfu. Posted via Android Central App
  • As opposed to what? Posted via Android Central App
  • As opposed to vanilla Android or a very, very light skin, such as what is on current Motorola devices.
  • So you wonder why HTC fans are so butt hurt when people don't like HTC phones, but you can't understand why most people want something more than vanilla Android? Posted via Android Central App
  • If that's your reason for hating htc then you also hate samsung, LG, sony, Oppo, and just about everyone else. All of which is fine but it sort of makes your comments pointless. "I hate htc"
    "oh, ok. Why do you hate HTC? "
    " Because I hate everything. "
    " well that's... Informative " Posted via Android Central App
  • And it's a shame, because both the M7 and M8 are excellent devices. I really think advertising is their Achilles' heel - Samsung gets so much more exposure and their product is simpler in terms of specs (looking at you, Ultrapixel camera) that people who don't hang about AC and XDA all day just go for that or a waterproof Sony.
  • See HTC... This is what happens when you make devices with huge bezels, metal, sealed battery, and a 4MP camera. Take a page from the iPhone if you want to achieve success. /sarcasm. On a side note, when HTC dies I do want to see how big the smiles will be on the faces of those who despise this company. Posted via Android Central App
  • It will be a sad day if it one should be happy at that outcome.
  • The bezels aren't huge and no one actually cars about bezels. People love the metal build quality do you are just a moron. Sealed battery is the future. It also for better battery life as opposed to removable batteries. Also if sealed battery was so bad the iPhone wouldn't sell. According to recent survey camera resoulution is the least important to smartphone buyers. Do some research. Posted via Android Central App
  • You must be cordawgfrito's other account: you constantly tell other people to "do some research," and then you call them out of their name. Get a life, dude.
  • You should do some research pal and stop calling people morons because they disagree with your ideals. The iPhone battery begins to have less charge life as it ages just like all batteries do. Also everyone doesn't want a metal phone. Some of us actual prefer the lightness that comes plastic as well as the feel. Posted via Android Central App
  • Sealed battery is the future... No it is actually swinging back the other way. I don't have a problem either way anymore, but for repairability sake, removable is far superior. Posted via Android Central App
  • OK...I explicitly stated that my comments were sarcasm. My English language isn't the best, but it is blatantly obvious is was not serious. So please do tell what I need to do research on dear sweet mouth. Posted via Android Central App
  • The people who would smile at something like that will have informed all of us how pathetic and unfulfilled their lives are. Don't support a company for any number of reasons, that's fine. To constantly root for the demise of a company that has shown a propensity for hardware and software innovation over the years means that you really just don't want any competition out there. If that's the case those people should all own iPhones because that's not what Android is about.
    If you're mad at HTC and actively cheer for them to go under because they didn't update your phone one last time like you thought they should 3 years ago, you're just an asshole. Posted via Android Central App
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  • "don't want any competition out there"? I don't think you get it. HTC wasn't providing any competition. That's why their business is doing so badly.
  • I understand just fine. Maybe 700+ million dollars in a month isn't that much money to you but I'm pretty sure that any other manufacturer would be happy to add HTC's roughly 3/4 of billion dollars in monthly revenue to their coffers. That is competition, whether you think so or not. Posted via Android Central App
  • What, exactly, is it that happens? They sell me one? Posted via Android Central App
  • I think they are messing up trying to do too many versions of the same phone. People are probably still trying to decide which one to buy and if they should wait to see what the next version with a minor difference will be. Once again, get rid of EVERYONE who makes decisions in your marketing dept. They are all TERRIBLE at their jobs.
  • It works for Samsung. They had 25 different galaxy s4 variants. Posted via Android Central App
    Hey Hey
    Goodbye! Sing it with me!
  • Stupid twat Posted via Android Central App
  • Haters gonna hate.
  • True, but he hated with the wrong amount of NA NAs. Posted via Android Central App
  • Lol +1
  • HTC is pretty much the "BlackBerry of Android" in my opinion. I make this comparison because like BlackBerry:
    -their marketing is atrocious
    -their market share is dwindling
    -their struggling financially as a company
    -their phones are selling poorly
    -they used to be great in the past (in terms of popularity and marketshare), but not anymore Anything else I'm missing lol?
  • I think you about covered it and I'd have to agree. HTC still does make quality devices but they haven't been able to catch up as an whole. They use to make some really nice phones and had good marketing. When I first decided to get an android all my friends talked about was HTC devices, the Hero, Dream, G1, etc. Then HTC fell behind on timely updates and Sense took a dive for a bit and it was during this time Sammy stepped it up with the S2, which is probably where the dominance we see today began. Its too bad too. I like what I see from this company in terms of trying to make beautiful UI and create a awesome UX. Posted via Android Central App
  • I guess it's all relative. I never had an issue getting updates on my HTC devices, but I'm also on Sprint who doesn't seem to hold those updates hostage the way some other carriers do. And the S2 was an enormous piece of shit. The S3 was the one that cemented Sammy at the top and it was a game-changer to be sure. But the S2 sucked balls. Posted via Android Central App
  • The one is an amazing device, its just the network i am on. Sprint Spark isn't finished in Nola and when my LTE drops, i have to put it in airplane mode and turn it off just to get to to reconnect.... Not good.
  • From one Sprint user to another, install LTE Discovery from the Play Store. It cycles the radio quickly and it also gives you some signal and tower info. Posted via Android Central App
  • Feel like HTC needs to take moto g/e route. Understand they might need to cost a little more but they need to except that even though they make nice devices they are no longer on the Samsung/apple level. I know they make these already but they need to release them in the US unlocked IMO. Posted via Android Central App
  • They have. Desire 816 and One Mini 2. Posted via Android Central App
  • Marketing!!!!
  • I'm not saying that marketing is their saving grace, but I've honestly seen 2 HTC commercials. Each time they're telling me to go on the internet and research the phone without even showing the phone on the commercial. I see at least 2 Samsung or Apple ads every 4 hours. I know HTC doesn't have the budget but you have to show your product off, because the average consumer isn't going to stop everything and research a phone. There are countless time where I take my m8 out and people ask what phone is that, and comment on how gorgeous it looks.
  • Quietly brilliant? More like quietly dying! They need to be bold and brilliant! Take a page from Apple's playbook HTC, you need to be "cool." No matter how good the Ford Taurus is, the hipsters still drive the Audi TT. Posted via Android Central App- Via HTC One
  • Build quality its overrated at the end of the day people want a removable battery , a killer card slot and fast phone that fits their life...most people put a case on there phone anyway so if its cheap plastic who cares...Samsung doesn't and I love the note series of phones...also you see Lg copy the same formula, it works,it keeps cost down who gives a whoot if the experts talk crap about build quality... Posted via Android Central App
  • IPhone says you are dead wrong on all points.
  • Except aren't they losing the heck out of market share and adopting Android features left and right to remain near the top... Posted via Android Central App
  • They still sell more than any single Android device. Posted via Android Central App
  • Right, which means that there is a market for build and that lots of people don't care about a removable battery. Posted via Android Central App
  • Build quality over rated? Sorry but no. And no most users don't want removable batteries. Removable batteries are the past. All batteries will be non removable in the future. Even Samsung. By having non removable batteries you can get better and longer lasting batteries and integrate it in the hardware. The M8 has an SD card which was a mistake. Sd is outdated tech. And no people don't actually care about having one. People like you hold technology back. Posted via Android Central App
  • So you are telling me I got off the sinking ship known as BlackBerry only to jump onto another sinking ship ? Posted via Android Central App
  • Android is fine, and one of the advantages of it is that there is a choice in phones and manufacturers Posted via Android Central App
  • No. HTC will still be around for decades. Posted via Android Central App
  • HTC last 2 flagship phones M7 and M8 have been worshipped by the experts but they keep getting beat by the cheap plastic Samsung phones why....they cost about the same,carriers push them both...the answer Samsung gives everyday Joe blow a phone that's feels simple,looks great and fits their life...HTC appeals to the tech heads...most people don't live on android web sites like I do...and again they don't care about build quality...Htc save money use plastic it works also try simple commercials...I still remember the s3 commercial where the wife gives her husband a video and tells him he can't watch it on the plane...that's gold real life stuff no big actors no blah,blah,blah... Posted via Android Central App
  • Carriers do not push HTC devices nearly as much as they push Samsung devices. That is just a plain and simple fact. The same can be said about LG, Motorola and Sony as well. Sammy is the king and everyone else is just trying to scale the mountain to get a sniff of the air up there. Posted via Android Central App
  • HTC does use plastic on its cheap Desire series and has released a cheaper plastic version of the One. However the M8 is a premium brand and will be built as such. Posted via Android Central App
  • HTC dug their own grave many years ago, they are pretty much done.
    Posted via Android Central App
  • If you think that your intelligence level is zero. Posted via Android Central App
  • Buys Beats, Releases facebook phone (really?), keeps CEO , lead designer leaves
  • I'm not indicating HTC is going to fail but I would sure hate it if so. Less choice is never better for anyone. I'm on my third device from them, because I like the design and their openness on updates. Sense has come along way in the past two years. Just stop trying to push the camera guys. While it gets the job done, at least do a step above your previous product. Did you survey M7 owners on their thoughts? Samsung is okay but feels too much like Apple to me. I like having something different than most people. Not the samething every year where you have trouble telling one generation apart from another. No need getting all EA Sports. Nevermind they can be slow with the updates. Motorola is good, for NOW. It's up in the air how much Lenovo will change them. Motorola isn't doing well financially. I hope they don't become the next bargain manufacture. I love how fast they push updates. The only camera worse than the Ultra Pixel. There is some hope with LG if they can stop trying to copy Samsung. Faster updates would be nice. Sony is great but they release phones too quickly. Updates are timely but their hardware at least in the States can be hard to get a hold of. Posted via Android Central App
  • So the M8, like the M7 before it fails to be their saviour. Yes, they are still going to be around since the chairwoman's daddy is really really rich, but even then, I doubt they can sustain a company like this. I'm still wondering why they kept their CEO, it was under him that HTC is in this mess, releasing the flop facebook phone, wasting money on Beats. They really need to do something since the competition is heating up So what happened to that Robert Downey Jr ad? Can't believe they paid him so much for that
  • That's a bummer. While I like some of the new features on the M8, I've been reluctant to upgrade. Blame the prime rumors and being content with last year's flagship, especially after getting Sense 6. I'll definitely upgrade my secondary line in a few months, though, which is on a different platform. Posted via AC App on HTC One
  • Not really a fan of their phones but this still sucks. Posted via Android Central App