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HTC pushing fix for Evo 4G owners who snagged early Froyo build

A heads up from the Android Central Forums: Remember that new update HTC promised for those of us who updated our Evo 4Gs a tad early with an "unofficial" build? The new update -- build 3.26.651.6 -- is being pushed out as we speak. It's just 4.17 megabytes and takes just a couple of minutes to download and install, and you'll find yourself "back on track" with all of your more patient friends.

Here's the official word from Sprint, if you're into that sort of thing.

So less than two weeks from leaked build to official build to an update for the early adopters. Pretty snappy on HTC's part, we'd say, and it t'was more than neighborly of them to take care of things. [Android Central Forums] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • Downloading now, thanks for the heads up!
  • can anyone confirm that it is the same or different compared to the leaked RUU
  • It's a different build number. The leaked version was .3, this one is .6. Not sure what differences there is otherwise. Hopefully it'll fix my issue I'm having with Handcent or SD card(not sure what the actual culprit is), where I have to unmount and remount the SD card anytime I download a picture or video sent to me via MMS. It never shows up in my gallery unless I do the unmount/mount dance.
  • Try SDmount, one click re-mount. Just an idea.
  • No he's talking about the leaked ROM Update Utility, not the leaked file. The RUU was leaked to fix those who updated to the unofficial update which was build .3, the RUU brought it to build .6, which this official update also brings it to so it's most likely the same as the RUU was gotten from a Sprint repair center and thus most likely official although it wasn't obtained through official channels. This is the RUU that the original poster is talking about:
  • i never got a update at all. everytime i check for a update just kept checking.should i be seeing a update now
  • Finally!.. much better.... It's the same only it will not wipe your phone like the leaked RUU
  • YEEEESSS...THX PHIL FOR DA HEADS UP..about to go get my froyo on..=]
  • Too bad HTC has seemed 2 forget about the Incredible :( we haven't gotten any updates at all
  • It's not HTC. HTC gave all the carrier's 2.2 WEEKS ago. It's Verizon that's ensuring everything is the way they want it before they release it. Glad I have Sprint!
  • Yeah Verizon sucks. I think they stare at the upgrade for a few weeks before they even bother starting testing. I went nucking futs waiting for the Motorola Droid to get the 2.1 update and that mother got delayed by months. Every Sprint phone I've had got quick updates and very often.
  • Yeah when I had the Palm Pre... it got updates before Verizon Pre's by a full month. Sprint's on top of their game.
    They care for their flagship phones.
  • Imagine my surprise during a round of Basketball when I get a notice saying hey, download .6, it's ready! LOL.
  • I'm all FROYOD
  • I have my fresh froyo
  • Glad I have will be worth the wait.
  • I don't care if it's HTC, Verizon, or Android Central for that matter lol we Droid Incredible owners want Froyo and 720p !!!!!!!!!
  • So is it HTC or Sprint that's going to take responsibility for the DATA ERASING BUG in the Froyo calendar? Sorry to shout, but I'd think a bug that erases important data might be getting some headline press. Calendar "description" notes disappear upon editing, every time. (Actually, they are getting overwritten by the "where" field.) I've brought this to Sprint's attention through multiple calls to customer service, and they are consistently ***ignoring*** the fact this bug is present, persistent, and repeatable on every 2.2 updated Evo. Every time they insist upon a "hard reset" which does not fix the bug. Calendargate, anyone? Sprint will not acknowledge the bug. Their treatment of the situation, ignoring and denying the bug, and absolutely rude unhelpful customer service is disappointing. I only wish my 30 days hadn't passed. A call to HTC finally seems to have someone paying attention, and a genuinely concerned rep has "escalated" e report to the next level, but no response yet after over 24hrs. They did at least successfully replicate the bug and acknowledge that something is wrong. The question is, are they the ones responsible for fixing it? The calendar bug erases data in the device, then syncs the erasure to the cloud and all connected devices via sync. The data gets wiped out. Its a simple transposition of field values, and from a programming standpoint, I'd think this could be fixed in a matter of hours. Or maybe I'm just holding it wrong...
  • I have that bug, too. Never noticed it because I generally don't edit my calendar entries on the phone. I only look at them. But it's certainly a big bug. I wonder if it is a Froyo calendar issue or if Sense is involved. Do you know if anyone other than Evo users are affected? This needs a front page story to garner more attention. Send this into the Android Central story tips on the contact page. I'm sure they'll run it. Once it gets picked up as a story I'm sure either HTC, Google, or Sprint will act faster to resolve the issue. Update: I just sent this in as a news tip. We'll see if it gets published.
  • Thanks for the heads up, guys. We're beating the bushes on that one.
  • Good to know it's on your radar. I just updated my bug report in the original thread: I think it's important to share not just the good news (new products, apps, rumors) but also the bad news. A public approach makes users more aware. I'm sure a great percentage of Evo users are unaffected in the sense that they don't really use the calendar at all. But for those that do, realizing that simply changing the time or day of an event will erase important data might save someone making a dreadful mistake. I'll admit I'd edited several appointments, losing critical data, before I realized what was going on. For the time being, I'm interacting with the calendar via other devices, and using the Evo simply to view events, not edit. Inconvenient, but I have no choice. Maybe suggesting this as "CalendarGate" in reference to "AntennaGate" might be a bit extreme... ;) The calendar is not as essential to the phone's primary purpose for most users. But the fact that it erases data coupled with the fact that Sprint is continuing with ignorance and disregard does concern me as a *paying* customer. I'm not expecting a press conference with worldwide media coverage. ...unless you can arrange such a thing? :P
  • how come i'm still not getting a update on my evo. i'm still etting checking for update that never stops checking or finds a update please help.
  • Go to Settings > System Updates > HTC SOFTWARE UPDATE
  • I don't know what you fools are talking about. Verizon is twice the company lame ass sprint is. Sprint flushed the froyo update out like a dump. And it was shit/terrible. Verizon is much more of a professional phone company. They want to get it right before their stock holders trash the stock. Sprint is a small company with a weak ass infrastructure. Get your facts straight before you yelp about Verizon. Don't think we will just forget about all you complaining about how wanted to go back to 2.1 temporarily.
  • Blah blah blah. Verizon is crap and always will be. Shotty customer service. Way over priced plans do not equal up to better service. Oh yeah and almost every service provider has had some sort of update snafu not just sprint so get over yourself. In the meantime I'll be enjoying mtg froyo while you sit and pout cause you don't have it yet. Hate on me, sprint, my evo, and froyo all you want makes no difference to me.
  • I've been very pleased with Verizon's customer service, mind you. Any cell phone plan with data is going to be expensive, regardless of carrier. With the reliability and quality of Verizon, so worth it.
  • I just did the update successfully
  • This is good news. Now if they would only fix the .wav file issue they created with 2.2. Since updating to 2.2, I can no longer play voicemails sent to email from Cisco Unity. This is critical for most medium/large size companies who have adopted Android phones. This was working perfectly in 2.1 and no longer works in 2.2. The only known workaround is a $3 app from the market. It's not about the money, it's about Google wanting to make headway in the corporate space but creating issues like this that will keep people away. I hope they fix this soon.
  • Seriously, are we going to fight about whose cell phone company is better. These cell phone companies make hundreds of millions of dollars every year if not more, they don't need us to defend them. I'm a sprint customer who is very satisfied with all the services they provide me and for what I think is pretty affordable. I have friends who love verizon and swear by their service even though they complain about how much they pay every month. It is all a matter of opinion based on each individuals needs and wants (and sometimes experiences) which will determine which service provider is better for them. There is no need to bash other cell phone companies (unless it's T-mobile). Just kidding. ;)
  • I'm still very curious as to what the difference was between .3 and .6, but regardless, I've updated to .6 successfully. *shrug*
  • So when this site first announced the unofficial build I went the rooted route. I've tried everything to get myself back on the official track. I know (now) I made a giant mistake. I always did a jailbreak on my iphone and could always find a way out of any mess I created. I've tried every solution I could find in the forums. Does anyone have a suggestion? I would very much appreciate it.
  • I can tell you what the difference between .3 and .6 is.....SPEED!! I got the update last night that took me to .6 from the leaked .3 and now my phone is crashing like crazy! Slow as F**K!! I don't want to factory my phone but I think Im going to have to....GRRRRR!!! My address book is slow to load and the phone is constantly on sync. WTF! Anyways. FROYO is GREAT! (Rolls eyes!) Hopefully after this facorty reset, my phone will stablelize itself.
  • I reset my phone. I did a clean wipe. FROYO'S all good now. Thank goodness for Brain App!!!
  • Yes I had a problem with scrolling being slow and typing being slow and laggy but after this update everything so far had been just great and fast. I'm going to play with the camera and video recording to see if any diff there.
  • Verizon has the newest cell towers and satellites plain and simple, hands down. I shat on you.
  • still checking for update no result whats wrong with my evo. please help