HTC pushing fix for Evo 4G owners who snagged early Froyo build

A heads up from the Android Central Forums: Remember that new update HTC promised for those of us who updated our Evo 4Gs a tad early with an "unofficial" build? The new update -- build 3.26.651.6 -- is being pushed out as we speak. It's just 4.17 megabytes and takes just a couple of minutes to download and install, and you'll find yourself "back on track" with all of your more patient friends.

Here's the official word from Sprint, if you're into that sort of thing.

So less than two weeks from leaked build to official build to an update for the early adopters. Pretty snappy on HTC's part, we'd say, and it t'was more than neighborly of them to take care of things. [Android Central Forums] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Phil Nickinson