HTC Puccini

We know everyone out there likes to indulge in some rumors here and there, so walk with us for a moment while we take a brief look at the HTC Puccini. A 10-Inch, Honeycomb tablet that looks well -- like every other Honeycomb tablet out there to date. So what sets this tablet apart from all the others?

We'll start with the connectivity options since it's rumored to be making use of LTE powered by AT&T. Yes, it will be making use of AT&T's real 4G network when released. Plus, considering it is an HTC tablet it's also suggested to be making use of HTC Scribe technology so that fancy pen from HTC Flyer may be usable on more then one device if this tablet comes to market.

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The rest of details still remain a mystery for this device but -- we're pretty sure we'll hear more eventually. These things always have a tendency to be unwrapped ahead of schedule on a much grander scale.

Source: PocketNow