HTC One X disassembled

See that beautiful display?  It can come out of the phone, but it's not something you'd want to do to yourself.  XDA China ​has posted instructions on how to disassemble the HTC One X.  It's not for the faint of heart, and the translation isn't perfect, but it's there for those of us that care about such things.

For someone like me (a self-professed hardware junkie) this is extremely interesting.  The One X is definitely one of the most desirable pieces of hardware to come from HTC in a while, and seeing how they package the components in the thin, one-piece polycarbonate shell really makes you realize how much work goes into the engineering of these things.

We get a good look at the display, which is the Super LCD 2 variety (learn more about display tech in our display tech discussion), Tegra 3 chip, and all the other various boards, chips, and cameras that make this phone awesome.

And see, the battery CAN be removed.  

Source: PCOnline; Thanks, garfnodie!

  • I will be getting this phone, so I'm not dissing it, but I love when people say polycarbonate with pride like it isn't just plastic.
  • It's not really the polycarb/plastic construction that's special, it's the UNIBODY single-piece-of-hard-plastic construction that sets it apart... Along w/similar phones like the Nokia 900. Seriously, go grab one and tell me it feels even remotely like an SGS2. Only issue is that unibody inherently means sealed battery, so there's a tradeoff (at 'least until someone figures out how to make a casing where the user can pull the entire thing up thru the screen to service it! that's how they build it after all). It also has a minor security advantage in that if the phone's lost whomever finds it can't just pull the battery to prevent location services... I'd still take a replaceable battery over unibody construction and added security tho, all other things being equal. If the SGS3 matches the EVO LTE in every way and offers a replaceable battery that'd be a touch choice. Tho the EVO's hybrid metal/plastic construction left them room to make several improvements over the One X so there isn't much else to add tbh. Plastic unibody construction generally requires using thicker plastics too, in order to maintain rigidity thru wider flat stretches.
  • > polycarbonate with pride like it isn't just plastic. Why would anyone NOT want something that extremely strong, extremely thin, extremely hard to break, extremely inexpensive, wide variety of colors, dent-proof, won't affect your signal strength, very easy to mold into any shape, etc? Plastic. Can metal or glass do all that?
  • Some of us don't care what the phone is made out of plastic or metal or whatever. I prefer Samsung also want better guaranteed performance sorry htc just can't deliver like them
  • in other words quality and performance really dont matter...sammy never updates their s*** so im lost to why..i mean the gnex was epic fail at an all time level
  • Well Samsung doesn't have the greatest track record with GPS and cellular radio performance.
  • Carbon Fiber... done.
  • Is it normal that these pictures make me excited?
  • Normal as far as I'm concerned. I take everything apart, always get excited when I have something new to disassemble.
  • "It's not for the faint of heart, and the translation isn't perfect" Um... what translation?
  • Google Translate.  Leaves a lot to be desired.
  • What I see is another device that's gonna be a pain to replace the digitizer, Thunderbolt style.
  • If the battery is just plugged in with a 3-pin connector, wouldn't it be just as easy to have it removable?? I mean, it's not even soldered in, and this is one of the features that makes so many people not want to buy this device. It seems like it would be fairly easy for them to have a different back panel on the case and maybe move the connector pins a little lower...then the battery would be removable. I understand a TON of engineering & planning goes in, but it doesn't seem like moving the connectors 1-2cm would make that big of a difference to me. Even if it made that portion of the case 2mm thicker, I wouldn't see a problem with it as long as it made the battery removable.