HTC One S available today on T-Mobile

Today's the day, folks! The HTC One S is now available on T-Mobile here in the U.S., making it the first phone from the HTC One line to launch here in the states. (The HTC One X is coming May 6 on AT&T, and the EVO 4G LTE -- essentially Sprint's One X -- is coming eventually, with preorders beginning May 7.)

If you're on the fence, here are the broad strokes: It's ridiculous thin, especially considering that it's a 4.3-inch phone. It's light. It's got a power processor. It's got Sense 4, which we like a lot. And it runs on T-Mobile's 42 Mbps network. Aww, hell, just read our complete T-Mobile HTC One S review. It'll make your day a little brighter.

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  • I love this phone. I just wish it had an RGB LCD rather than the pentile amoled.
  • Going to go pick one up for me as soon as the store opens!
  • wish tmo was getting the one X to complement this phone. a carrier getting this phone alone is embarrassing. Give me a tmo note and I'll fork ovr my money and shut my mouth
  • No thx! Ill be stoping my Tmobile acct and getting the ONE X on ATT. Sorry Tmobile but come on!!
  • I'm getting mine today! On my birthday!! Woo. I decided to get this one over the Galaxy Nexus, even though I love Nexus phones...Hopefully in due time I can root it and get rid of the bloatware! I'm stoked!!
  • I just went to a tmobile store and play with one for a little bit, let me tell you this phone is sick, it feels very soothing in your hands, very responsive easy to use, the thing i been noticing with htc screens though is that 4.3 does not look like and feels like 4.3 it feels more like 4" screen if you ask me, have any of you play with one of these phone yet? i compared the screen size with one htc evo 4g and you wouldn't believe how much of a difference are there, you can really tell that the evo 4.3 screen is bigger than the 4.3 on the one s, weird right? or it might just be me hahaha.
  • It is a different aspect ratio than the EVO 4G? Longer and narrower?
  • The screen on the EVO 4G is 16:10, while the screen on the One series phones (and pretty much any new phone) is 16:9. Screens are measured diagonally, thus the size difference. They switched the phones to 16:9 so they would be the same proportions as your TV and computer monitor.
  • I saw the demo phone yesterday at my local T-Mobile store. It's gorgeous, enough so that it made me go home and figure out how to fit the 26 gig of data currently on my phone into 16 gig (actually, 9.96 gig on an un-activated phone, which actually means 8-9G so apps don't run out of space and freak out. Deleting all music, photos, videos, books and podcasts got me down to 17 gig. The rest was split pretty evenly between directories written by applications and the system, over which I have no control, and Nandroid and Titanium backups, which I consider essential to avoid risking catastrophic data loss or wasting time rebuilding my phone from a full reset if some minor problem arises. In other words, I can fit on this phone, if I trust the cloud will always be there and my phone software will never break. As much as I want to love this phone, I can't buy into either of those assumptions. I'll just keep waiting for some phone manufacturer to acknowledge that there are power users out here, that we spend serious money on top-end equipment, software and services, and that we influence lots of other people about what phone to buy. Give me 32G of USB-mountable storage and I don't care if it's removable. 64G is even better for a phone I plan to keep a long time. I'll pay a healthy profit margin on the extra capacity. Give me a battery that lasts 16 hours with heavy use, and I don't care if that's removable either. For the last couple of years, every new generation of top-end Android phones has reduced choice, upgrade path and service life. I can wait for the pendulum to swing the other way.
  • I got one a couple of days ago at Wal-Mart and the design of this phone is definitely better than Galaxy Nexus. Maybe I just had a bad GN but this One s feels really sturdy, I feel like if I drop it, nothing will happen to it, unlike on the GN, the battery cover fell off when dropping it on a soft rug.
  • The HTC One X is coming to T-Mobile as the G4x with stock android ics no sense 4:) But as we all know its just a rumor that's been floating around for a month or 2 now. I also heard its coming sometime in May/June
  • If it's an HTC, it will have Sense.