HTC One (M8) in red leaked, destined for Verizon

On Verizon and want the HTC One (M8)? You might want to wait a bit, especially if red is your favorite color. Earlier this month we reported that a red version of handset was rumored for Verizon. Looks like we have our first look at this special edition from leakster @evleaks.

You'll remember that the HTC One (M7) came in a variety of colors. It looks like the new HTC One is no exception. There are reports out there that red and blue versions are in the pipeline for the HTC One (M8). Up above is your first look at the red variant. It looks to be pretty similiar to the 'glamor red' HTC One from last year.

Anyone out there want this red HTC One?

Source: @evleaks

Sam Sabri