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HTC One A9 gets its Nougat update

Owners of the strange, better-than-we-thought-but-worse-than-we-hoped 2015 "flagship," the HTC One A9, will begin receiving Android 7.0 through an OTA update beginning late January 16.

The update is being aimed at owners of the unlocked version, according to HTC's Mo Versi; it's unclear when the Sprint (opens in new tab), T-Mobile and AT&T models will get the same treatment.

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HTC began its Nougat update cycle with the HTC 10, whose unlocked variant began receiving Android 7.0 in late November. Since then, some carrier models have also been updated.

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Awesome!
  • Ugh, the A9, gross. Thanks for reminding me I dislike HTC lol.
  • Why is it gross? It is the Pixel MK 1 after all.
  • I never thought of it that way, I like that.
  • I wouldn't quite say that... But I know where you're coming from. Basically, it's gross because I'm British. HTC used the A9 to show that it really doesn't care about it's European customers, so I don't see why I should care about them.
  • Clearly someone is blind
  • Well... Yes, I am. But that's beside the point. The A9 is rubbish. Google the European version and maybe you'll not be so figuratively blind yourself.
  • Yea I feel your pain. Totally agree with u. I wouldn't buy the European model either
  • Hhaahaha, ur mean though, lol
  • Update for the HTC 10 from November 2016? It's halfway through January 2017 and still not a sniff of it for my unlocked international handset, :(
  • "Good news for a phone that *desperateLY needs some" Proof reading please.
  • Leaf me alone!
  • I wouldn't mind one of these but even now the price is more than I would pay. I'm just waiting till the day HTC makes another phone that I feel the need to go out and buy. Even though I did want the m7 I haven't had much HTC envy since the droid incredible 2 and thunderbolt. Which I later realized weren't that great.
  • That's HTCs main problem. The handsets themselves are perfectly good devices but the price for the past two years just doesn't make any sense for the feature set you get for the money.
  • The only thing wrong with the htc a9 is there price
  • *its price
  • Prefer Samsung's A9
  • updated to 7.0
  • Thank you for the article on the A9. It's a rarity to see any nowadays. Very much enjoying the phone over the past year. Updating.
  • So much for the within "15 days" of Google's OS updates lol
  • I installed the update overnight. I wish it had come sooner but they did a good job with it (so far). Time will tell though.
  • So far I luv'n the update. No lagg or overheating issues 😀😎
  • I agree, this update is really good so far. The UI has improved, performance is somehow even better than before, and I haven't noticed a hit in battery life yet. Good job to HTC on this OTA.
  • Ugh. My update didn't go so well and I ended up getting the " Your Phone is encrypted" message upon reboot. Couldn't get past it and had to factory reset and restore from a backup. No idea how that happened.
  • No sign of it in Canada. That's not shocking at all, though, since I haven't received a security update since January 2016. I've been perfectly happy with the One A9 as a phone, but underwhelmed by HTC not even acknowledging the 15-day promise they made to customers.
  • Do u have a unlocked or carrier version. I received the update 12 am the morning of the 17 th. (Unlocked version) I will never buy a carrier locked phone again. Carriers and updates = good luck
  • Unlocked direct from HTC and not rooted, but still nothing when I check for updates. I'm with you on avoiding carriers.