HTC Nexus 9 appears at the FCC seeking approval

The rumors of HTC planning to unveil a new tablet have been heavy for many months now but with HTC's Double Exposure event being held on October 8th in New York, we might be closer to finally seeing it released. Earlier, NVIDIA was forced to unveil details of the tablet as part of its lawsuit filed against Samsung and Qualcomm and now, the FCC has dropped some small but still relevant details as well.

A tablet appearing as 0P82100 has now landed at the FCC after having been filed by HTC and while it being listed as 0P82100 might seen as a bit odd, that's what the device has been referred throughout several various leaks previously. The filing doesn't offer much else when it comes to information about the device, but the fact the filing has now appeared indicates it could soon be ready for primetime.

As for rumored specs, well there's that NVIDIA K1 processor, 2GB of RAM, Wi-Fi and cellular options and it's expected to all be wrapped in a beautiful aluminium frame. Anyone excited for a new tablet from HTC?

Source: FCC Via: BlogofMobile

Chris Parsons