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HTC Merge headed to Alltel?

The HTC Merge -- you might remember it from our exclusive hands-on, our video preview, our benchmark tests, photo gallery ... You get the point. We blew that thing out of the water. But one thing we couldn't do was keep Verizon from never releasing the thing in the first place. But Droid-Life posted the picture you see above. And it's either a simple background switch and a cruel hoax, or indeed the Merge may show on Alltel, which was purchased by Verizon and all but assimilated into the Big Red ecosystem.

Of course, we've heard this story before. Hell, we told this story before. And a release on Alltel isn't nearly as widespread or as satisfying as a release on one of the Big Four. But fear not, we're sure Verizon and HTC have something Merge-like up their sleeves. All things in good time, folks. [Droid-Life]

  • I want that phone
  • Oh Merge. My ultimate dream phone. What has become of thee! Alas, I shall weep till you rise again as I weep for the setting of the sun. *Forsooth I see no Bing! And it was good. Yea verily.
  • would be cool if the landscapeable SenseUI can be pulled and used on other HTC phones w/ Sense. It's probably like the G2 and only goes landscape when the keyboard is open.. though if the stock Launcher was able to be modified for landscape maybe there is hope?
  • oh lawdy
  • Altell was also purchased by At&t in some markets.
  • i would burn down a verizon store if this was true
  • Better off burning down corporate - they're the decision-makers. You 'd just be knocking some people out of a job... that very well may have been just as disappointed by this news.
  • Be still my heart :)
  • It's probably coming to the new Alltel that was bought by ATNI and still goes by Alltel.
  • Woooo!! Clay from HowardForums said a while ago that Alltel was getting the Merge!
  • I could change the Winterboard on my iPhone, give it a Verizon wallpaper; BAM, I have the Verizon iPhone [Except I have to hold it incorrectly to get Verizon 3G Speeds]. All they did was give it a wallpaper, I mean the device still has the red all over it. Red=Verizon. And isn't Verizon owning most of Alltel?
  • You can't see the Alltel logo so its just a background.
  • Alltel and HTC aren't partners anymore. Thats why you don't see Alltel branding on the actual phone. And thats why all of the Alltel Android phones have just a wallpaper. Also, who cares if the phone has red on it, that doesn't mean it's carrier specific.
  • FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU...I have wanted this phone for months if this is not just the background
  • PLEASE Verizon, release this phone on your network!
  • I've been holding my upgrade for the past 5 months waiting for this to arrive on Verizon! Say it isn't so!
  • But fear not, we're sure Verizon and HTC have something Merge-like up their sleeves. All things in good time, folks.
    You say that and Verizon can make me wait but my patience is starting to wear thin with such statements. If nothing relevant comes out of MWC next month, I think I'm going to start looking at alternatives.
  • The Evo Shift is a good alternative.