HTC Mecha (Incredible HD) on Verizon -- with LTE, the new Sense and Android 2.2

This isn't the first picture of the HTC Mecha (aka the Incredible HD and "Evo-like device coming to Verizon") that's out there, but this is the first time we've seen one powered up -- and it's a good thing it is. Because we now see Android 2.2, the new HTC Sense and -- if you squint just right at the top -- that 4G symbol points to LTE data on Verizon. (And that notification light should make a few of you happy.)

We're told it's currently in testing and that it's consistently getting 9Mbps downstream and 5Mbps upstream -- not too shabby, though real-world results likely will vary.

As for when we might see such a device? It's still pretty unlikely before the first of the year. We've got a full shot of the phone after the break. Thanks, Ed!

HTC Mecha - Incredible hD

  • I want it!!!!! Cant wait
  • wait... thats all the speed the phone is pulling off LTE? Does it have an artificial cap like Tmo puts on their phones? (phones cap at 14.4 when network is 21) HMMMMMMMMMMM. guess they dont want phones killing the higher bandwith. then again, its not like u will really notice THAT much of a difference over 10-15mb/s. it can only be sooo "instant".
  • Dang, kinda mad this isn't coming out this year. :( But I knew this would be the HTC Mecha. I originally decided to go to the to see if maybe, just maybe I'd see something on this. Looks like the Mecha is this device after all.
  • A friend of mine that works at VZ told me its coming out next month and its going to be called the Incredible 4G. I cant wait for this phone, will make a great upgrade to my Droid Incredible
  • Looks great but will we see this device at CES? Or is Verizon going to drop LTE phones by end of the year?
  • I want it, my DINC is finished!!!!!!
  • This phone and the promise of others like it was the reason I went for a 1 year contract for my DINC....drooling over here!!!!
  • That device is all mine when it releases, can't wait
  • I've been waiting for this phone to light up for a while.
    TMI ALERT: I just creamed my pants. Early Upgrade FTW :)
  • I wonder if they will charge extra for this phone due to LTE? Since I live where it might be the last place in the USA LTE is turned On, I'll wait another year.
  • I was pretty frustrated with my Incredible for the first few months and regret not waiting for the flurry of Summer/Fall Android phones. It's only very recently that a new stock kernel gave decent battery life, and I still need to bump charge to get extra time out of the battery. The phone still has awful call quality. It also feels like really cheap and plasticky, and is one drop away from a shattered screen. I had thoughts about returning it early on, and I regret that I didn't. I'll think twice before I buy another HTC phone.
  • I think you may be one of the only people who have issues with this phone. I love it and while the battery does suck, I have yet to have it die on me (extra batteries and smart charging). As far as HTC goes, I don't think you can make such a rash decision on them based on your experience with one phone. They have been consistently rated at the top of smartphone makers. I'm sorry you have had a bad time with your phone, but I feel like your experience is one out of the thousands of good experiences.
  • Yep.
  • I'll take it. Only things that could make it better would be dual core and stock android. Please release this for the holiday's HTC, my contract is a month past ready to renew.
  • What about an optical trackpad? Mine comes in handy all the time(I own a DrInc). Also, I think 4" is the right size but I definitely will be checkin' this bad boy out. Looks amazing.
  • If those data rates hold true, Verizon better have a reasonable unlimited data plan for lte. That would seem criminal to market a device that can hit a 2gb limit in, theoretically, about 30 minutes. I know there's a torrent app out there somewhere...
  • funny how it doesnt say verizon on it. every leaked phone i have ever seen for verizon has the branding on it. could be going to metropcs, seeing as they are 4G LTE also.
  • Just keep in mind, unlike every other Verizon Android phone you've seen leaked, this one is designed to run on more than one antiquated network. HTC can sell this one world-wide as it's totally GSM/UMTS compatible out of the box, and Verizon isn't the only carrier out there rolling out LTE in the coming months.
  • True, but the notification bar does sink with Verizon's symbology.
  • Let's also keep in mind that this is a leaked photo of what may be a final "prototype". Carrier branding will come when the production lines start rolling. At the moment, I'm using the Fascinate but still have my DInc in a desk drawer because there are things about that phone that I really miss, but I just can't get away from the 4" AMOLED and dedicated GPU on the Fascinate. Here's hoping the Mecha/Incredible HD can top that!
  • Maybe it's on the back? Pwease let it be on the back! metroPCS isn't ALL bad, but c'maaaaaannn!
  • Well Black Panda whose tweets started the Incredible HD/LTE buzz says he loves all carriers, except MetroPCS. So IF this is the Incred HD and IF this is what the guy was playing with, its Verizon.
  • Daddy like.
  • Blackberry Torch kills this phone.
  • BULL. Pure bull.
    I'd rather get Bing'd than get old with OS6. you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
  • i second this
  • Lol, he said crapberry.
  • I actually lol'd! That's funny.
  • OS6 is garbage and so is Blackberry. No innovation, just playing catch-up. They sat back and got fat and complacent on their enterprise contracts and are still riding the reputation of being the superior email/communications device, but it's no longer true. They were king in a world where they were surrounded by dumb phones and WinMo. They're surviving now on corporate BES contracts, but iOS and Android are crushing them in usability and user experience, and are slowly eating away at that corporate cushion RIM is hiding behind.
  • Darn you HTC, you guys are on a roll with these new phones every month lol. I just got the Evo last month :( so now I know how Tmobile guys felt when the Evo came out. Well it doesn't look all that much like the Evo. I kinda think the Evo will still have the best look out of the 4 versions from each Carrier with the Evo/Incredible HD being the faster versions(4g speeds). But yeah next time I think I'm going to go with a Iphone regardless if they come out every year, I like for my phone to be unique.
  • Wow!!, "iPhone" and "unique" used the same sentence, you don't see that everyday.
  • Especially since it was used properly!! :-)
  • Here in the real world of actual fact we know that Android first had a WM like interface until the iPhone came out. Then they changed it to look like the iPhone. Google is still trying to make it look and work like the iPhone with every release. But every time they get close Apple has a new release that put them another year or two ahead. Google is getting Zune'ed by Apple.
  • Just tell me they kept the on board storage the same or increased it over the Incredible with a faster or dual processor and this sucker is mine in Feb when my contract and possibly Incredible are up.
  • OT How do you see and access the on board storage? How do you use the on board storage? I like to move my apps to the on board storage. How do I do this? I have Astro installed and can't find the on board storage. I have Android System Info installed and all it shows me is the external SDCard.
  • Unless you're using Froyo and saving apps to SD, then all apps are installed to the internal storage by default. To access this storage, you'll need to root your phone and use a root-enabled file manager like System Manager.
  • can anybody confirm this will be a World Phone? If so it is my DREAM phone..and the Blackberry Torch comment....LMAOOO the Torch can't even beat the Bold 9650 which IMO is the best form factor for a BB..
  • It looks like it has a red light that sweeps back and forth across the top like KITT.
  • Much better than that Samsung Nexus Fail Crap... and on a great network... well worth the extra $$$ per month. Especially since they are launching their 4g network in Tampa where I live... cant beat it. <3 Verizon... its also got Google Maps, which means this phone probably wont be binged... they are going to market it as a "DROID" phone... hell yah.
  • If I get LTE coverage where I live Sprint is going bye bye. My wife and I both have Evo's that will fetch a nice price on Ebay and this will cover most if not all of the early termination fee. Sprint has been rolling out 4g way longer than Verizon. If I get Verizon LTE before Sprint WIMAX that would just be pathetic at best.
  • Yes, this one's a keeper for sure. Agree that this makes Samsung's Nexus S lackluster. This one is going to be hard to get because of such high demand. Hopefully, there will be pre-orders available. Direct competition for the Verizon iphone. This will be interesting to watch.
  • Watch it be Binged. xD
  • And a MASSIVE Verizon logo splashed on the front somewhere taking the phone down from at 4.3" screen to a 2.8" screen hehehe
  • I've already subtracted the money from my account. I was waiting on a LTE device to jump ship from trusty D2.
  • I doubt you'll see a prorated price. I <3 Verizon's network, but some of their business practices really make me angry. I adopted the Storm 1 six months before the Storm 2 was released. Verizon knew damn well that the Storm 1 was a POS, and there was no prorated pricing for an upgrade. Which is why I STILL have my crapberry original Storm -_- I just wish the Mecha would come out already...
  • FAIL...that was supposed to go at the comment below this one...-_-
  • I bought the Incredible on opening day last Spring with a two-year contract. It would be nice to be able to pay a reasonable, pro-rated fee to upgrade to the latest phone.
  • Hmmm 4G symbol on one side, 3G hotspot symbol on the other.
  • on a random web page it said that it is going to have a 1.2mhz dual proccesor an 8 megapixel camera a front faceing camera and maybe the highest smart phone reselution screen but its not a dependable website so resaults may very
  • Can anyone guess as to what the specs are for this animal?
  • I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it will be identical to the Desire HD. Verizon may pack in more internal storage, since the current "Droid" lineup of phones all have 8GB of internal storage, and the Desire HD only has 1.5 I believe.
  • What an 'incredible' (forgive me) wave of insane smartphones of late. This thing looks awesome - I am very excited. I wonder if this will be around for more than a year . . . like the Eris and soon to be discontinued Incredible.
  • This is 4.3" screen!! yay!
    Rem this phone??
  • Where's the optical trackpad???
  • Hmm, selling the Evo to cover the early termination fee. Not a bad idea.
  • You won't be covering the termination fee with your EVO. Once all the new phones are announced in a few weeks your Evo won't be worth much.
  • I wonder if the home screen looks any different? According to the picture that shows the full phone, it looks like it is on the 2nd screen to the left.
  • I thought this was coming out the Tuesday before Thanksgiving? I have an android itch that i am just itching to scratch! I want to make the jump from my 9650. I don't know if I can wait!
  • Yeah..I hear that. Still stuck with my 9530 and I've had an upgrade waiting since October 12. I might just get a Droid X if this thing isn't out this year.
  • ooh. it would be neat if that light shown on the top left goes left to right like the cylon eye!
  • I initially said like KITT, but you're right. Cylons are much cooler. And I am too old. :/
  • For sale, one 3 month old dinc.....
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  • People need to remember that LTE is *not* 4G. Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon are sweeping everyone up on a false sales campaign here. LTE-ADV and WiMAX2 are the only certified 4G tech. LTE is just a high end 3G (3.9 to be exact), and CDMA based networks are going to screw their users who jump onto the LTE bandwagon and buy LTE phones, only to find out in non-LTE enabled markets, their phone is going to drop down to EVO speeds of 3 Mbps.
  • Assuming that mattered, which it doesn't, the standards board a few days ago stated that Verizon and T-Mobiles 4G are in fact 4G. They just changed the standard to accommodate them
  • jizzed in my pants!!
  • everyone wants dual core but no one wonders what the resolution is... if this isn't equal or better than apples retina display than this is nothing exceptional... also, some good motion stabilizing technologies for video and camera is needed as well...
  • Just throwing this out there...Apple's "Retina" display isn't really a retina display. So there :P
  • Yes it is. No Android screen is as good either. Do a little research.
  • Dual core is not magic out of the box. As it is many Android apps do not multi-task well. Expect apps to have to be written for dual core.
  • This looks awesome. I've had 2 Dinc(s) die on me, and as much as I love my Dinc, I wouldn't have any problem jumping to this early :)
  • i'd buy this immediately if it was available right now!! any idea of when???
  • How long will we be waiting??. I remeber the Incredible had to wait about 2 months to get it. Will this be the same??.HOPE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My incredible is going- going- going!!!!!!!!!!
  • i cant wait! woot woot
  • Is that a front facing camera on it.Well I got a BB Torch and pretty content with it but I still have ties to VZW and when i take care of my business w/them I'M DEFINITELY WILL BE BACK W/BIG RED as well as I AM W/BLUE BOY!!! Hey I LIKE BOTH B/CAUSE OF THEIR CS!!!
  • I don't know how someone can be saying the Incredible is plastic feeling and not worth it. I am very impressed with this device.
    I like it even more than BB and I am pleased to have jumped over to the Android platform. Not liking paying retail for the phone but it is worth it for all that it does. Just hope I can get my BB sold ! But I have to tell you, this device ROCKS. My calls are crystal clear and first and foremost this is the important aspect for me. It is my only means of communication. Battery life could be better but I do get a full day out of it. I will get an extended battery one of these days.
    I like the size of the screen. I am not into big and bulky so this new HD model probably won't get my attention. I am also wondering the pricing on the new 4G/LTE. Verizon already charges a lot even though I get a discount. I think HTC makes a great device.
  • it's amazing