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Japanese carrier AU is set to launch what's arguably the highest-spec'd Android handset we've seen to date, the HTC J Butterfly. With 4G LTE support, a beastly quad-core Snapdragon CPU and a whopping 5-inch 1080p SuperLCD3 (yes, three) display, there's little more you could want from a smartphone. (Well, OK, maybe a bigger battery.)

It's unlikely we'll see this exact handset outside of Japan -- although a Verizon version has long been rumored for release later in the year. Nevertheless, hands-on videos are starting to crop up around the web of the original Japanese version, and so we've collected some of the best for your perusal. Check 'em out after the break.

HTC J Butterfly versus Samsung Galaxy S3

HTC J Butterfly official introduction video

HTC J Butterfly Japanese walkthrough

HTC J Butterfly Japanese camera app demo

HTC J Butterfly English hands-o​n (The Verge)

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  • Bring it here as a/the new Nexus phone?
  • I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
  • Hell ya! I would buy this if it was the next Nexus phone. I love HTC hardware. Ive never owned one but I have held one. Im a BIG Samsung fan but I would buy this over the Note2 any day. Especially with that LCD3 display.
  • Looks awesome, but what kind of battery life can we expect? I like what Motorola is doing squeezing great battery life into phones with great features and looks. I know it's early but, it makes zero sense to keep going for the largest/sharpest screen, if I need to tether myself to an outlet, carry a spare battery, not use the phone.
  • J-Butt = 2,020mAh battery
    G-Note 2 = 3,100mAh battery
  • Ouch. I don't think this is gonna end well for buyers then.
  • Actually it will end fine for buyers. The S4 chipset is enery efficient and not a battery hog and won't be an issue with this phone. Just ask anyone with a phone with a S4 inside. They are great on battery life.
  • All those phones have a 720P screen. This phone has a 1080P screen and has a slightly smaller battery than the S3...
  • And the S3 uses a less power-efficient screen... and the screen uses more power in these phones than anything else. Battery size comparisons mean nothing unless all the other technology in the phone is identical.
  • The number of pixels has a very small impact on battery life. The fact that it is 5" (more backlighting) will be the significant factor there. Considering the One X+ is not much smaller and using a chipset that is less power efficient, I wouldn't be surprised if this matched or beat it in battery life. The Razr Maxx HD and GN2 are in a whole different league of course.
  • Actually, the display in the J-Butterfuly is a new SLCD3. It's actually a CG-S screen from Sharp. It just went into full production several days ago. The tech provides for higher translucency, allowing for much lower backlight needed for the screen, greatly decreasing battery consumption.
  • Well the Snapdradon S4 Quadcore is not only super fast, but also very efficient with battery life. The Asus Padfone 2 with a slightly bigger battery gets almost 10 hours of web browsing over wifi, so this should also be quite good. That being said, HTC are notorious for putting smaller than average batteries in their phones. They should open up a Motorola Razr Maxx to see how it is done...
  • +1 solely for coining "J-Butt".
  • lol HTC J Butterhuray for the win :D
  • Looks great
  • Well this time round they got the right idea and put in 2GB of RAM. This way sense won't have the issues it did on the One series. The hardware is top notch and I can only hope we see that as one of the new nexus line phones.:D
  • Not likely. I have around 300MB free RAM in sense 4.1 on my EVO LTE which tells me HTC made the decisions on multitasking they did not based on available ram.
  • If HTC doesn't bring this to the U.S. they deserve to go out of business! And I'd prefer to see it as the Nexus 1X
  • lol, you draconian POS
  • It's coming to Verizon as the Droid Incredible X. It's been on their road map for quite some time so I'm guessing a December to January release.
  • That would be perfect. My first Android phone was the DINC.
  • Bring this to the US, market the 1080p display vs crapple, show off large 5 in. SLCD3 screen, quadcore snapdragon, BAM, HTC is back in.
  • Yes!
  • Hmmmmm...4 cores, 1080 display, 4G LTE and only a 2020mAh (non-removeable?)? Sounds like Thunderbolt part deux to me! Too bad as I have loved HTC phones but it seems lately there is always something that misses the mark:(
  • Exactly. If the Moto Razr Maxx can be sleek and still have a nice sized battery, the other manufacturers ar simply not trying hard enough. Think about it, folks buy phones partially for sleekness. Then we add Otterboxes for protection or add extended batteries that KILL the actual design of many phones. It's getting to the point where I might consider an Iphone 5 with an Otterbox commuter case and call it a day. I love my Gnex, but I have yet to get more than 9 hours from my extended battery. and 9 hours is not a given either.
  • Really? 9 hours only?? Are you watching videos all day? I have a GSM GNex with standard battery and I get 24 hrs. I bought a spare and I just swap it out every morning. Last Sunday it beeped to plug in the charger at Noon, because I slept in and forgot to swap, so I got like 36 hours. The battery life wasn't so great when I first got it (July 2012) but has gotten much better with time.
  • The S4 is a very power efficient design Battery size comparisons mean nothing unless all the other technology in the phone is identical.
  • The power consumption of the processor is negligible compared to that of the display. And with a 5 inch display pushing more than twice the pixels of the Note 2 with a battery only 2/3 the size, well...
  • Another new great 'Huge' phone. I really wish phone makers realize that the market need a polished, nice and powerful 4.0" - 4.3" phone with very thin bezel running Jelly Bean !!! I see Apple in denial about the demand for large phones giving away a massive market, and Android guys in denial that there is incredible demand for the 4.0" - 4.3" categories. I have to admit, it's not that easy to build a smaller phone with powerful features, so I'll give it to Apple for now, Android will be seriously hurt if Apple starts producing larger phones, just like they woke up and started producing smaller tablets.. Can we have a Nexus please 4.0" or 4/3" and a large one as well !!!!!! Love my Galaxy Nexus but still, too big for the average hand, this is very true...
  • correct. this makes the S3 look tiny, its ridiculous. plus, the PPI is just a waste.
  • RAZR M really is a nice phone. Best specs for a smaller screen, very well built too. I put it next to the iPhone 5 and its right at the same size. The only thing I can't figure out with that phone from the reviews is why it doesn't get excellent battery life. S4 chip plus smaller screen seems like it should be getting Maxx like battery life to me.
  • The size is great. People do want larger screens. What's the point of a mobile video or web browser if you can't read the text? I think the #1 feature mobile phone users want is BATTERY LIFE. Hopefully the S4 Pro really does get MUCH better battery life, or else this thing is DOA. If HTC releases this beast on all major US and world carriers, it has a major hit. If it's a Verizon exclusive, they are done for.
  • I just don't see the Battery being stellar for that 1080P screen, I see it as being an average run of the mill thing for this phone but I hope I'm wrong. We should have some results from the LG phone soon on battery life which I think has a close to the same size battery in a slightly smaller screen.
  • It's absolutely stunning.
  • +1 Really is a nice looking phone. Probably falls into the too big category for me and if I was going to go all out I'd just get the Note 2 as I think the added features, bigger screen and bigger battery would all make it a better buy for my dollar. Love choices with Android, wish we had less throw away phones though so upgrades could be focused on less devices. I hope this and the One X+ put HTC back in the game.
  • Well...I think HTC has answered the call.
  • Too bad AU is cdma :( I had them years back....they are a great company!! When I came home to the states my cellphone still was working off voicestream's roaming network (i was that old lol...about 2001) and it had a touchscreen, too!! :D
  • HTC makes brilliant devices.. but like always have fallen short. great lcd3 screen.. gr8 specs n gr8 screen size, but no expandable memory n lesser battery life.. common htc i thought u would have learned the lesson when gsIII beat up 1x. plus when compared to note2.. i do see note 2 havin many advantages over j.. bigger screen, bigger battery, s pen functions, pop-up screen, split screen, etc. m sorry to say this phone looks gr8 but is no match for note2.
  • +1
  • * No phone has expandable "memory". I think you mean storage.
    * You don't know how much storage the phone has, so how do you know it is not enough?
    * Battery size comparisons mean nothing unless all the other technology in the device is identical.
    * All that proprietary pop-up/split screen/etc will make the Samsung much harder to update...
    * Many people don't want or care about having a stylus.
  • ohhk.. knowin the past n recent track record of HTC is will have 8,16 n 32 gb of "storage". n i dont know if u know it or not battery life is a key component of any cell, if its a true HD display n have all the features that r present in 1X n wid a 5 inch screen.. trust me its goin to b much less compared to note2. n abt harder for samsung to update those features.. i believe it has already updated in gs3 INTERNATIONAL version n also updated the note2 which didn't have split screen function very quickly. n ppl who buy note they actually do care abt stylus. its better to have a stylus n functions regarding it n not use it, rather than not havin it at all.
  • i want a HTC BATTAFRY!!!
  • The screen is only .2" bigger than that of the Galaxy S3, yet the phone looks MUCH bigger...
  • I still don't understand all the complaints about the size. Long before the days of smartphones our wireless and wired landline handsets were 5-7" tall with a 2-3" antenna on top of that. Nobody protested about them being to large.
  • Good point about the old school phone sizes. In 2012, people expect a smartphone to be thin, sleek, and pocketable. These huge sizes 5" and above approaches, if not exceeds the possibility of slipping into a pocket. I just don't think there is this huge market for ginormous smartphones for the "general" public. On AC, yes, but I haven't seen many in use out in the world. I want a top spec'd ~4.5" device with amazing battery life and stunning design. Is that so hard?
  • I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but the charging port appears to have been moved back to the bottom of the phone. As we all know, the charging port on the One X/EVO LTE series was moved to the left side of the phone.
  • On my EVO LTE with it's 4.7 inch screen I cannot make out pixels with 720p. What is the benefit of 1080 on device with a screen so small? I feel performance could suffer pushing all those pixels around but what benefit will there be or does the move from 4.7 to 5 inch make that big of a difference that 720p would then show pixel size? If Apple's magic PPI number is 320 or so where the human eye can no longer make out pixels what benefit does this screen offer in terms of image quality vs a 720p screen?
  • Better viewing angles and to put it simply they are setting the standard for mobile displays once again.
  • I agree, my phone has a *modest* 207dpi, and I have a hard time seeing pixels unless I push the phone right to my eyes. I think this is overkill, but probably will become standard soon now for other phones as well, just hopefully they are efficient so it isn't too much more of a battery killer compared to the *low* res/dpi 1280x720 displays.
  • +1 I totally agree. 1920x1080 on a 5" device is just marketing junk. Means pretty much nothing in the real world except slower performance.
  • How you fit a bigger battery into a smaller phone HTC is beyond me. How can this have a smaller battery than the One X+? You keep getting Samsunged and I hate seeing it because you make some beautiful phones.
  • I for one am hoping and praying that this is why T-Mobile backed out of the One X+ and let AT&T have the exclusive. There hasn't been a flagship HTC phone on T-Mobile since the Amaze 4G (which didn' least not me). 1080p should have no big difference on battery life, as the backlight is what causes most of the drain. Since the S4 Pro should be even more power efficient than its mobile processor competition I don't think battery life will be a problem (although I wish it was more like 2500mAh). It should at least equal the One X+ in that respect.
  • Well we no what apple will never have. 1080p
  • This phone looks phenomenal!!! That screen is freaking gorgoeus
  • It'd better not be Verizon exclusive in the US, or HTC will just continue to bleed money. When are they going to learn that they need to do like Samsung and push the same phone with the same name and the same specs on all carriers?
  • DID I JUST SAW "with google" ON THE BACK OF IT IN THE SECOND VIDEO? At 0:12???? I m hopefulll
  • Admittedly, the non-removable-relatively-small-battery for a large phone is a bit worrisome. However, I have to laugh at those who immediately condemn HTC for it. This is a brand new screen technology and nobody here really knows how taxing it is on the battery. Sure, it's (S4 pro) got twice the cores compared to the the S4, and it is pushing a higher pixel count and what not. The point is, don't be so quick to judge the battery performance until some testers/reviewers have some real world usage time.
  • I think the reality of it is with a battery this small, it really doesn't matter how much more power efficient it is. People that at medium to high power users are going to be running out of juice before the day is done. For me this is just a very stupid business move. A 2100mAh battery would have done it. We will have to wait and see how it all rolls out but I am willing to bet that battery will be listed as "just okay" which is not okay in my opinion for such a new large beautiful device.
  • Sorry meant 2500mHa battery would have done it.
  • absolutely fake! read here;