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HTC Inspire 4G brings more 4.3-inch power to ATT

ATT has had quite the morning, announcing that they'll have 12 new Android phones this year, including at least three high-end devices. One of those three is the HTC Inspire 4G, which is the first HTC 4G phone that has been officially announced.

The HTC Inspire 4G will have a 4.3-inch touchscreen, next-generation HTC Sense, 8 MP camera with 720p recording, 1 GHz Snapdragon processor with 4 GB on board memory as well as 8 GB on an SD card.

ATT, which has thus far sported relatively quiet and uninspiring Android lineups, has suddenly bounced back big time with the Inspire 4G, Atrix 4G and Infuse 4G. [ATT (opens in new tab)]

  • So it's just a Desire HD thats on AT&T?
  • 12 NEW ANDROID phones in 2011 But wait.... MrSurfboard assured us that AT&T was ambivalent about Android. I'd still be tempted to go for the Atrix just for the dual core, larger memory.
  • As a frequent commenter on many sites, I appreciate your dedication to a previous argument. Well played.
  • It's s surprising to me all these new phones are coming with froyo.
  • specially with 2.3 already here, and 3.0 around the corner. 2.2 is so 2010 lol
  • Enjoy that 4G phone with no unlimited data plan on AT&T. I'll be over here on the NOW network with my EVERYTHING PLAN not monitoring my data useage for overages. Too little to late AT&T. I bailed on you for better Android phone choices and an unlimited everything plan.
  • The funny thing is, Sprint has gigantic spectrum with 2500MHz and is practically paying customers to switch TO 4G. AT&T and Verizon, the LARGEST carriers ironically chose 700MHz, the lowest capacity spectrum! They are going to bog down so incredibly fast and you'll have to pay an unbelievable premium with tiered usage! Sprint did it right! 4G is about going forward not backward.
  • lol too bad sprint sucks balls
  • Here you forgot a few words let me finish it for you. Lol to bad Sprint "makes at&t" suck "there" balls. I nailed it didn't I? Just say it, oh and let's not forget that the order or service goes Verizon-Sprint-T-mobile-at&t. No need to thank me. Your welcome.
  • Actually you didn't nail it. Should be too instead of to and their instead of there in your statement "Lol to bad Sprint "makes at&t" suck "there" balls." "Oh and let's know forget the order" doesn't make sense, let is not? If you're gonna try and slam someone, make sure you're using proper English please.'s "You're welcome" not "your welcome". Welcome doesn't belong to you!!
  • If you're going to be a grammar Nazi then you should be sure to get it all right. It's "their balls."
  • If you're gonna try to be a grammar Nazi then maybe you should go back and ready the comment again and open your eyes. It says "Should be too instead of to and THEIR instead of there" then the previous comment in quotations. Don't even attempt it man....
  • We'll all be enjoying our unlimited data plans on AT&T as well... the limited plan is only for new customers sucker. And it looks like AT&T is about to get a trio of amazing new Android phones. Have fun paying the highest prices and using Binged out Android phones. In all honesty, each carrier has its own set of downfalls. None of them are perfect or else we would all be on that one.
  • Wow, someone's a little bitter/jealous. If your so happy with your EVO and SERO, then why leave such a b*tchy comment? I agree that AT&T's new data plan sucks, but since I'm sitting on unlimited, I don't really care, and neither should you, since it doesn't apply. Sheesh.
  • Since I have an iPhone 3GS now and looking to get an Android phone very soon, will AT&T transfer my unlimited data plan over?
  • They should since you have a smartphone and your getting another smartphone. Nothing is being changed in your plan. Ive helped people with this before and it doesn't seem to be a problem as long as you don't change your plan in a substantial way (aka changing the DATA plan)
  • Ok, thanks for the feedback. Feb. 20 can't come soon enough (contract expires) and hopefully I can get the HTC Inspire or Motorola Atrix soon after.
  • Yes, they will transfer your plan, just make that very very clear to them when you get your new phone that you intend to remain on the unlimited. If buying from AT&T, make sure this is just a phone upgrade, not a plan change, and jot down the Clerk's name. Do this at a AT&T store, not some cheesy mall kiosk. Note that if you pick up your phone from OTHER than AT&T, you can simply move your sim from the 3Gs to the Android (assuming they use the same size sim).
  • Actually if it's one of the new 4G phones you can't just swap your sim card. You will need a new LTE SIM card.
  • These are not LTE phones, they are HSPA+, so the old sim card will probably work just fine.
  • I really wanted the EVO to update with but its lack of internal memory makes that dream seem impossible since the newest HTC Sense takes up a good chuck of the ROM space. I can see 4G of internal memory being the standard for a while, if not more
  • I sure hope this isn't a preview of what the Thunderbolt is going to be :(
  • Confuse the masses with "4G" speed.
  • Exactly- what a crock! AT&T doesn't have anything 4G EVEN ON THE HORIZON right now. They are the LAST carrier that has ANY right to use the name "4G" on *ANYTHING*. This is really pushing it.
  • So it's ok when T-Mo calls HSPA+ 4G, but it's not when AT&T does it? And AT&T DOES have what you think of as 4G on the horizon... LTE rollout will start at the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012.
  • I understand and agree that AT&T does not have 4G at the moment, but, I know for a fact that it is most definitely "on the horizon" good father actually is the project manager on the pre-cursor project to the final 4G rollout project. In order to rollout LTE 4G, AT&T first has to finish switching everything from layer one's to layer two's, which is what they are working hard on every day.
  • ***HAD TO SPLIT DUE TO SPAM FILTER*** Trust me, it won't be too terribly long. They will be the last in the race, but it's not always the fastest who wins in the end. ;-) Before anyone asks, no, my father won't be working on the actual 4G rollout after his project is finished. He will have other projects to do.
  • Dang, has there been any word of 4inch+ phones heading towards tmobile?
  • 3 Great looking phones with awesome processing/screens but gonna sukk cuz theye on a crappy network that charges overages for what everyones else gets included. Sorry for att customers. Wouldnt mind buying one and unlocking it for my tmobile plan though.
  • True, so true. Im on verizon and at least im paying for amazing coverage.
  • Everyone who's already on AT&T gets to keep their unlimited data plans. So not a big deal unless you're switching from someone else to AT&T. Nothing wrong with their network where I live either. AT&T is very good in a lot of cities.
  • "Confuse the masses" is right, Like T-mo, what's missing from this post is acknowledgement that "4G" is really HSPA+
  • its a marketing tool. They won't actually call the real 4G that. They'll probably give it a different snazzier name.
  • hahaha it's funny how they make the old phones shiny to the ad!!!
    Sprint got these phones one year ago !!! don't say its different because All I care are the simple specs which they match with THE EVO 4g!
  • Except that the Evo really *is* a 4G phone and the Inspire is NOT.
  • Actually neither of them are if you want to get technical.
  • You can get as technical as you like. The ITU-R didn't change their definition of "4G" to make WiMax "not" 4G until after WiMax was already considered 4G. Then they changed their tune and said that what Verizon AND Sprint are offering *can* be called 4G. So yes, the Evo is, actually, 4G.
  • This isn't the Evo, it's the desire HD. Not the same phone, though similar. And the Thunderbolt ain't going to be much different. Maybe a forward facing camera, that's about it.
  • Yeah im pretty sure this is the thunderbolt for att. There is too much news for one day! Is there not a ffc?
  • If anything it seems AT&T is ambivalent about the new Windows Phones.Between all these newly announced Android devices and the price-slashing of the WPs.
  • A phone like this could have possibly kept me with AT&T.
    I'm with Verizon now and will be for 2 years.
  • AT&T is a fraud. They are rebranding their same old broken network as '4G'. At least VZW and Sprint are building their infrastructure from the ground up using NEW technology (LTE/WiMax). I can see this coming under the light some day in another VZW vs ATT mashup on television commercials.
  • The whole "4G" thing is out of control, but AT&T takes the cake. Their network is NOWHERE NEAR being 4G. Someone should sue them over this.
  • AT&T is going LTE as well (next year)... calling HSPA+ 4G is just for the interim and was probably only done because T-Mo did it first.
  • ...Hi there. Mind explaining your stupidity to the rest of the readers?
    AT&T will be using LTE just as Verizon is. They are "rebuilding their infrastructure" just as much as every other wireless company must do in order to make the switch to 4G. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about or what it means to switch from 3G to LTE 4G. It's not an overnight process and it's not even a couple months' process. Tell me where you see evidence for your "They are rebranding their same old broken network as '4G'". Clearly, sir, YOU are the fraud here. Good day.
  • Is this the only phone announced at CES without an FFC? LMAO. AT&T loses again. Every single HTC/Android device announced has an FFC.
  • I'll probably be getting this phone when it comes out. I planned on dropping my AT&T plan and switching to Sprint/Verizon, but money's been tight and I haven't been able to. I'm upset that these three new phones don't have LTE radios in them. Even if it's not out yet I'd like to be ready when the network is ready. As for the FFC, I don't give a damn. I have absolutely no use for a FFC. The phones are still nice, and at least AT&T now has something respectable in terms of Android.