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HTC: Honeycomb coming 'soon' to the Wifi-only HTC Flyer

And HTC's made it official: Honeycomb indeed is rolling out to the GSM HTC Flyer in Europe. So what about the rest of us? HTC says the Wifi version of the Flyer will "receive its Honeycomb update soon." Here's the full skinny:

Ready for some ‘sweet’ news? The GSM version of the HTC Flyer tablet, available in Europe, is beginning to receive updates to Honeycomb beginning today! Honeycomb brings a ton of improvements to Android on tablets, including the latest version of HTC Sense for Tablet with enhanced Internet browsing, Mail, Calendar and more all optimized for the 7" screen. Not to be outdone, the WiFi version of the HTC Flyer will receive its Honeycomb update soon, too! Stay tuned for more details.

Source: Facebook

  • Great news on the wi-fi only! Should make a great tablet even better! But what I really want is Ice Cream Sandwich!
  • ICS would be great, but I'm not about to complain about getting Honeycomb. Bring it on!
  • I think they're a little late
  • Let's go HTC!! Update, update, update!
  • I am all smiles at this notice as it is used in club meetings for HDMI interface using the Accell MHL adapter. Looks perfect on a Samsung 42 inch TV set at 16:9 screen size. Now I can show off Honeycomb features. Next mountain ICS.
  • That's great, but what about those of us who bought Sprint's EVO View on the promise that HC was "coming soon!"? Can we calm down, knowing our turn is coming, or is the proverbial check still in the mail?