HTC Evo OTA back in action

It looks like Sprint and HTC have re-released the OTA update for the Evo 4g.  We don't have any clues about what might have went wrong, but considering the reports of better speed and battery life from folks who successfully updated yesterday, we're glad it's back -- provided that little bricking thing has been fixed.

Today's update is a bit larger (~30MB vs. ~21MB for yesterdays) and we're seeing success from the forums.  We're in the process of rolling things back and trying it out ourselves (good luck Adam!), we'll update when and if anything happens -- good or bad.

To make things even more clear, Phil just got word back from HTC:

  • The OTA is officially back, and should be ready and working well.
  • If you updated yesterday, none of this applies to you, you're good to go and already updated.
  • No official word about what's going to happen with bricked devices, but HTC is aware and will take care of things ASAP.

[AndroidCentral forums]

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  • good job HTC!
  • I'm not sure why the download size difference. Anyway, I heard yesterday that the update was taking a long time. This update was really fast. It took the phone about 1 minute to download, (4G network) and about 5 minutes to install and restart the phone. Super quick.
  • Great job HTC and Sprint I updated yesterday without any problems and this update is not for me like they said. Why is there a such difference is size. IF they (HTC & Sprint) then all is good.
  • OK... so I'm rooted... when can I see an update I can safely load onto my rooted phone?
  • Its been on XDA since yesterday...
  • Forgive my ignorance... I used to have a PRE so I am new to this... I downloaded "" and placed it on my EVO's SD card... How do I flash? or boot? Are there step-by-steps.... that shows how to apply updates and stay rooted?
  • I think we'll need some more details as to why we should trust them this time.
    I spent 1/2 day yesterday dealing with this screwup.
    Has this one been adequately tested?? (other than on us?)
    Why is it safe???
  • just did the OTA update and it works fine. it does break Unrevoked though...
  • Maybe a better question is:
    Why would anyone even try this until there is inventory available in case it does brick again? What's the rush if there's even a chance of another brick? I have System Software Updates / Scheduled Check turned off.
    ..... and I would suspect anyone who "bricked" yesterday.
    ... and was lucky enough to get a replacement.... would do the same thing. Is it worth it??
  • After that mess, I find it hard to believe they would re-release the update if there was any chance that they didn't find and correct the issues.
  • Agreed. I just updated mine and all is well.
  • im going for it...wish me luck! I cannot have another bricked device
  • It should be fine. My update went as smooth as silk.
  • Just updated my Evo. It appeared to hang on the 4g boot screen although I know it would get through it, gave it about 4 minutes and no problems with the update. All widgets except the HTC needed to be removed and re-added.
  • I've moved the "" file onto my SD card. Now what do I do... How do I apply it? I used to have a PRE so I'm new to all of this. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  • How do I apply this update... Is it just rebooting holding the power + volume/up or is there something more? Anyone know how I apply the recent Sprint update to my rooted phone via step-by-step instructs. Please. Thanks.
  • This is one round of android experimentation you may want to sit out, seriously. There is the potential to brick here, for some reason. If you are rooted and/or want to root/stay rooted I'd just let the devs figure this out and wait for a detailed list of instructions. That's likely only a day or two away. Seriously.
  • After my phone took a dump yesterday and just got my new one today, took a chance on the new update and install without any problems, now going to see what the people are saying about batt. and quick response, so far so good on the install. will update with more infor as the day goes on.
  • "We don't have any clues about what might have went wrong" How about a clue on some decent grammar? Good Lord.
  • Exactly my thought.
  • umm... I can't shut off HTC Sense after the upgrade. Anyone else seeing this?
  • you can shut it off, you just can't use the standard a better one from the market.
  • Hmm... Interesting. I wonder why they took the launcher away. OK, off I go looking for another one in the Market. Any suggestions anyone?
  • For those who may have followed my day long tyranny due to a bricked phone, I have a much better story for today. My apologies to those I may have snapped at...not my normal mode. So the Asst. Manager at the "repair" store emailed me today (didn't have my phone so he couldn't call me) to tell me he had a shipment in and could replace my EVO with a brand new one. Of course I responded quickly as he said he could only hold it until 430pm (maybe he wanted to know if I was really serious). So I went to the story and they busted out the phone, activated it in a flash and sent me on my way. Of course I wasn't about to leave the store until I inspected the phone for screen issues, pixelation and otherwise overlooked which all were good. Then since I had some time, I figured I'd play around with it a little and low and behold there was that OTA again. I figured what the hell...I'm in the store, might as well do it. Pins and needles as they were, I downloaded and installed with no issues or hiccups at all. I hadn't loaded any widgets so far, and the preloaded ones were not affected. Then just to be sure, I checked to see if there were any more updates (not that I would have touched that with a ten foot pole) but it said I was all fully updated. Whew... So now I'm inspecting for battery life, WiFi response and any other new features or improvements. So far WiFi is a bit longer in range, and battery life seems to be somewhat improved, but further testing (more than a few hours) will be needed. Wish me luck!
  • No fuckkking stock android! I didnt use it but was nice as an option!
  • I have not modified my Evo other that the normal personalization options and the update worked just fine. I'm curious to find out how many people tried to Root their phones then D/L this update. When they realized they messed up they cried foul to cover their tracks. Just a thought.
  • I did not root my phone and would have no interest in doing so.
    If I did, I think I'd be smart enough to not try to update.... why would I??
    .... my point in rooting would be to control my own firmware completely, right? I am just a user. I did not root my phone.
    Please stop implying that this fiasco was self imposed.
  • +1 If you'd bother reading the other posts in this forum and numerous others, you'd see that rooting the phone had nothing to do with this issue. Stop being a moron.
  • Updated and all seems ok but nothing better either, I'll give it a few days.
  • So I was one of the ones who updated yesterday with no issues. The EVO has been perfect. But just too see I checked for updates today and was surprised to find that my phone downloaded an update with the same version already on my phone. Naturrally I told the phone to discard the update, but why did this even happen? Shouldn't the checker have seen that I had the update and just said I didn't need another one. Is the process still broken?
  • If I got the update successfully on the first day, is there any reason / anyone know how to roll back and get the new update?
  • Supposedly not. I'm turning off "check for updates" and leaving mine alone until the next update comes out. I would hope there wouldn't be any penalty for re-loading this update now, but not willing to push my luck on that. --After checking for an update, my phone claims it is up to date so is ignoring the newer version of this update. So, no worries on my part of an accidental re-update.
  • I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I updated the first morning when I work up and my phone informed me there was an update available. I just hit OK and went out the door for work. It wasn't until I got a break at work and checked this site that I knew there was a issue. But I haven't had any problems and the battery life definitely better.
  • How do you remove or rollback the first upgrade?