HTC Evo OTA back in action

It looks like Sprint and HTC have re-released the OTA update for the Evo 4g.  We don't have any clues about what might have went wrong, but considering the reports of better speed and battery life from folks who successfully updated yesterday, we're glad it's back -- provided that little bricking thing has been fixed.

Today's update is a bit larger (~30MB vs. ~21MB for yesterdays) and we're seeing success from the forums.  We're in the process of rolling things back and trying it out ourselves (good luck Adam!), we'll update when and if anything happens -- good or bad.

To make things even more clear, Phil just got word back from HTC:

  • The OTA is officially back, and should be ready and working well.
  • If you updated yesterday, none of this applies to you, you're good to go and already updated.
  • No official word about what's going to happen with bricked devices, but HTC is aware and will take care of things ASAP.

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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