HTC Dragon Packs 1GHz Snapdragon Processor, 800x480 Screen ?

Okay, we don't honestly expect you guys to get overly excited about the HTC Dragon because for one, we have no pictures of the device and for two, all we can offer you is a purported screenshot of the firmware build. But what we can do, is simply blow your mind away with its rumored numbers: the HTC Dragon is supposed to pack a 1GHz processor (likely the Snapdragon platform) and a 800x480 screen. Yeah, you can pinch yourself right about now.

So though we expect the HTC Dragon to be eventually amazing, our advice would be to keep the thought of the HTC Dragon for future reference(can you imagine a 1GHz processor!?) and stay excited for real Android devices coming this year like the HTC Hero, Motorola Droid, and Motorola CLIQ.

What do you guys think?

[via engadget]

Casey Chan
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  • the TV Browser application might be an app for Qualcomm’s MediaFLO which is to watch TV on mobiles. that being said, this phone might be heading to AT&T or Verizon since these 2 carriers have MediaFLO supported handsets now. This is very exciting!!! i just hope the Dragon will have some great memory and battery specs. YEAR OF THE DRAGON 2010. YEAH
  • Since they are just releasing the HERO in the US at least, why would they kill the hero with a dragon release right behind it? Based on the reported sluggishness of the hero it would be nice, but it seems unlikely that they will release it before March 2010.
  • It can be avoided, to kill their own product, if they price it high enough.
  • HTC normally does 1 fall and 1 spring (late) release for products, so an HTC dragon would not appear before april 2010, this is a normal upgrade pattern for cell phone technology advancement, not a self-device killer release. my only disapointment will be that the Dragon has not been leaked to containa GPU, means the iphone may still out perform it.