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HTC Doubleshot rumored to be Gingerbread-powered QWERTY slider

HTC may be preparing to launch a new Gingerbread-powered QWERTY slider by the name of "Doubleshot", if recently-uncovered user agent data is anything to go by. The info, discovered by PocketNow, suggests the Doubleshot will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread and feature a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard behind a screen running at a resolution of 480x800. Meanwhile, a photo uploaded from the Doubleshot to Picasa indicates it may feature a 6+ megapixel camera with the ability to take HDR photos, and benchmark data from the device suggests the presence of a 1.2GHz CPU.

Of course, this is all well within rumor territory for the time being, so these specs should be taken with a pinch of salt until any device is officially announced. In the meantime, feel free to contribute to the rampant speculation about what the "Doubleshot" name could actually refer to down in the comments. [PocketNow]

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • first
  • so will this be like a successor to the shift?
  • All I know is my shift can overclock to 1.8ghz so this will not be an upgrade at all for me really. I doubt Sprint will get this.
  • Isn't the Shift just a single core processor? Which would make this a big upgrade.
  • Why do phones with physical keyboards never get the high end specs that all the 4.3" phones get? People are saying that the physical keyboard is fading but could it be because all the phones without the keyboards have the best specs?
  • On word: COST. In an effort to keep prices within reach, those phones with expensive keyboards are made more economically to keep the cost in line.
  • Droid2/Droid2 Global have high end specs.
  • I'm waiting on an LTE capable phone with a keyboard. All the 4G LTE phones are the same 4.3" phone just made by a different manufacturer. I'm really hoping the Droid 3 is LTE capable but it already looks like its not.
  • I'm in a similar bind. I'm waiting for a phone to come out with a floppy drive. I've got a thousand empty floppies laying around.
  • I'm a die-hard slider fan, but I also realize physical keyboards break and those phones probably get replaced more often than phones with virtual ones. So I'm not entirely surprised they don't show up as often, though I still hate the lack of them.
  • Dear Heaven!!! Please let this be out soon and let it be for Verizon...cuz those bastards have clearly scrapped the Merge and need a decent freaking slider!!!
  • Wait...scratch that...T-Mobile gets it. WTF...I freaking hate you Verizon.
  • Totally agree with you.
  • I read this on the idea came up that this is the successor to the mytouch3G slide. Or the "espresso". If you think, the original processor of the slide was 600 mhz, and the doubelshot is at 1.2..which is double 600 mhz. A doubleshot? Of espresso? Doulbe the power of the original espresso...I.e. the "doubleshot". Anyone get where I'm going with this?
  • I like the way you think
  • Oh, joy, HDR photos. Bring on the rush of freakishly garish "CSI Miami" photos.
  • If this is the next gen mytouch slide, it'll most likely be the mytouch4G slide.
  • Wonder how the HDR is going to work. I doubt it is the same as what I think of an HDR photo. For one thing you would need to mount your phone to a tripod if it is true HDR.
  • HDR could simply mean the number of bits per channel used to record the image.
  • Maybe it's one of those dual sliders like the Pantech Matrix or something