HTC to deliver Jelly Bean and Sense 4+ upgrade for One S, X and XL this month

Alongside today's HTC One X+ announcement comes the news that HTC will upgrade some of its earlier One series phones to the latest versions of Android and Sense. The Sense 4+ and Jelly Bean update is scheduled to hit One S, X and XL phones later this month, and HTC tells us that every feature of the One X+ that doesn't require additional hardware will be made available on these devices. Note, as ever, that carrier-specific versions of these phones may take a little while longer to see this update.

Sadly, there's no mention of the One V -- or any other existing HTC phones -- in today's announcement. It's unlikely HTC will leave its entire back catalog in the lurch, but the lack of any announcements for earlier devices isn’t encouraging news for owners of these phones.

Nevertheless, it's a welcome development for the many One S, One X or One XL owners out there.

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Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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