HTC ChaCha rumored to hit AT&T as the 'Status'

According to unnamed sources, the HTC ChaCha may land on AT&T as the "Status." You know, like your Facebook status, seeing as how this is a "Facebook phone." Here's how we see that playing out:

Operator: "Thank you for calling AT&T. How may I help you?"Customer: "Hi. I wanted to check on the status of my HTC Status order." Operator: "Sure. I'll be happy to help you. Which HTC phone are you asking about?"Customer: "The Status. The HTC Status."Operator: "Sir, I'll need to know which HTC phone you want to know the status on. There are a lot of them."Customer: "The phone's called the 'Status.' "Operator: "Oh, you want to know the phone's call status? That's easy. Open the dialer and ..."

Yep. That's definitely better than ChaCha.

Source: BGR

Phil Nickinson