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HTC Amaze 4G shows off for the camera, shows us how quick the browser is, and some benchmarks

Looking for your next fix of HTC Amaze 4G information to hold you over until you can place your preorder on Oct. 10? The folks over at TMoNews have obtained a few new videos showing off some of the benchmarks and the browser of the device, along with a whole bunch of new images. While it appears as though the device will have a proprietary charger, the configuration is for the MHL equipped USB port, so a standard micro-USB cable will work just fine. Hit the break for some more images along with the videos.

Source: TMoNews (1)(2)

HTC Amaze 4G

HTC Amaze 4G

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  • 14 down on a network where nobody is on? not that impressive
  • The network is not any new network...there were no phones that were capable of reaching the the speeds its capable of but that doesn't mean no one is on the network. Unlike Verizon's LTE where there really isn't anyone on it.
  • Nice White Sox tickets in the background... har, har.
  • Chicago, Last time I checked was very well populated. T-Mobile's Network is just very fast. The sooner people realize just how much they are missing it will be too late. T-Mobile is the largest 4G Network in the USA. Those are real 4G speeds. I have accounts with both Verizon and T-Mobile. If I had to choose just one Network it would be T-Mobile. HSPA+ iis great for the battery. Very stable. Verizon is still having problems with switching from 3 and 4 G, battery sucks. HSPA+ with advanced backhaul is great, too bad AT&T is still so far behind it's pittifull. They won't even tell you where they have the advanced backhaul in place. I wonder why that is? I have tried so any timmes to find out when they were going to implement the backhaul in the Boston area. NO LUCK. Frig them.
  • I love my G2 on TMo. My HSPA+ speeds have been great, especially when I lived in Phoenix. I wish more HTC phones did not have sense though...
  • All of those speed tests are faster than my WiMAX EVO 4G/3D phones on Sprint. T-Mobile and the Amaze are in my future.
  • Just my opinion, but if you have nothing against the Galaxy S2, I recommend the Epic 4G touch (or Epic 2). Amazing phone. WiMax isn't as great, but the phone is buttery smooth. Can't wait for a custom ROM like Cyanogen or MIUI (especially to piss off iPhone users!) to make it even faster! And, not to mention, the battery life on the Epic 2 is seriously the best on any Android device. I would even venture to say it rivals iPhone on battery longevity, Nothing against the Amaze, though. I kinda wish they didn't screw over the Sensation users by releasing a better version not three months after though. Kind of a big "F-U" to them, really.
  • But remember the Amaze is meant to be a replacement for the myTouch 4G, which is why it lacks Sense.
  • It has HTC Sense.
  • I reject the second half of my previous comment.
  • OK does anyone else see something wrong here? I thought the Amaze and T-Mobile Galaxy S2 both had the same processors? If so that is one hell f a kick in the pants to have a SG2 that scores in the 2400s in quadrants. T-Mobile FAIL!
  • No. They have different processors. Amaze, like Sensation, equips with Qualcomm dual core processor which is the slowest duo core processor even with higher clock rate. The processor in Galaxy S2, on the other hand, is the fastest processor on market. T-Mobile simply delivers these two phones to consumers. There's nothing wrong with T-Mobile.
  • Sorry, you're out of the loop. It's been confirmed that the Tmobile version of the Galaxy S 2 will have the same Qualcomm processor of the Amaze, since it supports 42MB HSPA+
  • Sorry but you wrong.
  • well it was ether the fastest smoother processor or the faster data processor, t mobile choose the faster data processor because the Samsung exinos processor is not yet compatible with t mobile hspa+ at 42 mbps.
  • The Amaze is qHD, it should get a little higher score in WVGA, which is what all the Galaxy S II phones are.
  • im sorry but benchmarking 2400 on a dual core 1.5ghz phone is not impressive.
  • I was very surprised that the quadrant wasn't faster. The ATT GS2 gets 3340 on quadrant without 42mbps speeds. So, not sure what will happen with the TMO GS2 which has the same processor. Also, its not the newest version Snapdragon either just overclocked to handle TMO's fuax 4G. But, hey you don't have to buy it, so that always a plus right?!
  • There's no "Overclocking to handle TMO faux 4G". The reason they're using the S3 is because it's compatible with the MDM8220 modem that supports 42Mbit HSPA+.
  • I've managed to get the same numbers on Quadrant with my Sensation. What kind of bloat is in that phone?
  • I dont understand why people still follow benchmarks, is better just to do a side by side comparison on Browser rendering, pinch to zoom, and Multitasking to see if it can handle multiple apps running.
  • You would think that the people that read this site would be over benchmarks after Phil's repeated denouncement of them.