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Superior audio quality is one of those things HTC has focused on with their phones for a long time now. A couple of years back the name BoomSound came out as the name for HTC's impressive front-facing speaker system that developed a reputation for blowing the competition out of the water. With a new design and the inclusion of a front fingerprint sensor, those BoomSound speakers aren't making a comeback in the HTC 10.

Instead, the company has refocused BoomSound to refer to the way HTC delivers quality audio in both the speakers and the headphone jack, and BoomSound Hi-Fi edition was born. HTC has been teasing this as "the best BoomSound yet" with few details. Here's what you need to know.

Front-facing BoomSound speakers may be dead, but the spirit of BoomSound lives on.

Front-facing BoomSound speakers may be dead, but the spirit of BoomSound lives on both in the ability to play 24-bit audio and the inclusion of stereo Hi-Fi phone speakers with a separate tweeter and woofer. If the audio you're playing isn't natively 24-bit, HTC's software will upscale it for you and deliver something a little better than you were expecting when you pressed play.

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HTC's old Beats Audio partnership and BoomSound audio profile systems have been replaces with a Personal Audio Profile, which HTC claims will enhance your audio experience by dynamically adjusting sound frequencies for each ear. This is so you can hear the music "the way that the artist intended" according to HTC, with precious few details on how this actually happens on the phone. We'll find out soon enough!

If you're not planning on using the speakers much, HTC's combination of a high-quality headphone amp and some truly impressive in-box earbuds will get you the rest of the way to audio fun times. We'll be putting all of HTC's audio claims through their individual paces soon enough, but in the mean time hit us up in the comments with your thoughts on a return to delivering an audio-focused phone from HTC.

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