HTC 10 in gold

Today marks the first day of official availability for the HTC 10. The Taiwanese company's new flagship phone has been described as a "return to form" for the manufacturer, with a premium metal design, serious audio credentials and a camera to rival the Galaxy S7. If you're thinking of dropping some cash on an HTC 10 today, we've got all the information you need down below.

Where to buy

The HTC 10 goes on sale today (May 6) at Carphone Warehouse, meanwhile carrier partners Three and EE still have the device up for pre-order. (The same applies to Carphone's online-only arm, BuyMobiles.) Carphone has the phone in silver, gray and gold, with the gold option being exclusive to the retailer.

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Our HTC 10 review

The HTC 10 is HTC's best phone in years, but it launches into a market packed with strong competitors, including Samsung's Galaxy S7, LG's G5 and the competitively priced Huawei P9. Nevertheless, HTC's latest handset ticks a lot of boxes, with a premium metal design, clean, fast software and one of the best cameras on an Android phone.

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Watch our HTC 10 video review

Got a few minutes to spare? You'll want to check out our extensive HTC 10 video review, where Android Central editor-in-chief Phil Nickinson goes over the broad strokes of this year's HTC flagship from New York City.

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Check out our comparisons

The HTC 10's biggest rival in the Android space is the Samsung Galaxy S7, a phone which has already won high praise from AC, other outlets and fans. And it's also going up against the likes of the iPhone 6s and LG's new G5.

Hit the HTC 10 forums!

There's lots of great discussion over on the Android Central HTC 10 forums, as buyers around the world are starting to get their hands on the phone. Whether you've already got yours, or you're simply weighing up your options, the forums are a great place to start.

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Updated camera impressions

Unlocked European HTC 10s should already have the latest 1.30 firmware update, which includes several camera-related improvements. We've taken the updated HTC 10 camera for a spin, and you'll find our updated impressions and sample photos linked below.

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Will you be picking up an HTC 10 today? Be sure to hit the comments and let us know!

HTC 10


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